FALL 2023

All registration takes place from 2-6 PM in the 3rd floor Davis Center conference room.

Sport Dates
Sand Volleyball Tournament 8/29-8/31
Flag Football 8/29-8/31
Soccer 8/29-8/31
Indoor Volleyball 9/12-9/14
Dodgeball Tournament 11/1-11/2
Disc Golf 11/1-11/2
Basketball 12/5-12/7


All registration takes place from 2-6 PM in the 3rd floor Davis Center conference room.

Sport Dates
Basketball 12/5-12/7/23
Esports TBD
Futsal 2/27-2/29/24
Softball 2/27-2/29/24
Tennis 2/27-2/29/24
Ultimate Frisbee Tournament 4/2-4/4/24
Kickball Tournament 4/2-4/4/24
Sand Volleyball Tournament 4/2-4/4/24


Each Team must submit a team roster form. These forms must be completed in their entirety. All forms must be typed or neatly written. Make sure you take class and work schedules into consideration when fielding a team as there is a minimum number of players needed to compete in each sport. Refer to the Notes under each sport within the Fall Sports and Spring Sports page. If you need or would like to pick up more participants, consult the list on the Free Agent page.

  • Varsity athletes are ineligible to participate in their equivalent intramural sport throughout their academic year of eligibility (e.g. a 2021 soccer player cannot participate in 2021 Fall Outdoor Soccer or 2022 Spring Indoor Soccer/Futsal).
  • Club Sport participants ARE allowed to play on intramural leagues, but no more than 2 of any gender can play on one team (e.g. a male and female club volleyball player can play on an intramural team, but no more). Club Sport participants are NOT permitted to participate in the CITY 6 tournament. If a team has more than 2 club players due to tryouts occurring after Intramural registration, all participants will be allowed to be on the team. HOWEVER, only 2 club players will be eligible to participate in a given match (the 3rd club player cannot sub in at all, even for another club player).
  • Graduate and Staff Teams cannot play in the playoffs for Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Basketball (participants are permitted to play in Men's B and C leagues and All Gender B league), and Softball.
  • The tennis roster form must be used for the tennis league. You must complete one roster form for each league you are in.

Each Participant must complete their OWN Waiver. ALL WAIVERS MUST BE ORIGINAL HAND SIGNED DOCUMENTS. SCANS, COPIES AND ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED PER THE POLICY OF VILLANOVA UNIVERSITY'S GENERAL COUNSEL AND RISK MANAGEMENT TEAMS. This must be filed with the Intramural Office before anyone is allowed to participate in intramural play. Upon registering, the Intramural supervisor will confirm that all participants have a waiver on file. 

Please use the current waiver found on our website. Outdated waivers will not be accepted.

There is a minimum number of players required to compete in each sport.  You must submit enough waivers to meet this minimum at the time of registration.

Any roster additions must be submitted either before or at the captains meeting. Any roster addition submitted after the captain’s meeting will not be accepted. A waiver must be submitted for each roster addition.

You are required to pay a forfeit fee in order to register an intramural team. We accept cash, check (made out to Villanova University) or Novabucks. This fee will be returned to the teams during a given refund period following the end of the season/tournament/event, barring the following:

  • Captain or team representative attends captains meeting before the season and before the playoffs (if applicable).
  • Teams show up with at least the minimum amount of players to each scheduled contest (don't forfeit without 1 day notice).
  • If the team does forfeit, they notify the Intramural Office prior to 5:00PM of the business day before competition.

The amount of fees are as follows:

Sport Fee
Basketball $40
Disc Golf $10 (individual)
Dodgeball Tournament $20
Flag Football $40
Futsal $40
Handball Tournament $20
Indoor Volleyball $40
Outdoor Soccer $40
Sand Volleyball Tournament $20
Softball $40
Tennis $10 (individual) / $20 (team)
Ultimate Frisbee Tournament $20


Roster Count

The Intramural department recommends that all teams add more participants than the minimum so you don't have to forfeit any matches.

Team scheduling, seasons

All teams must choose preferred playing days for all sports that are a season + playoffs. Teams must select at least one weekday (Mon-Thu for all sports except Flag Football and Softball), and one weekend day. Teams that do not mark the minimum number of days will be scheduled last and fill for any day needed.

Team scheduling, tournaments/playoffs

All tournaments/playoffs game times are generated in advance to ensure we have the field/court available and staff to work. Games will be played daily to allow for the maximum number of teams to participate. Due to the nature of a playoff bracket and time/field constraints, teams will be randomly scheduled their matches on any day that we have available, starting with the first rounds of the tournament/playoffs and moving towards the championship in the following days/weeks. We cannot take into account playing preferences as we must keep the tournament/playoff schedule on-track. Teams should check the bracket directly after each match to see when their next scheduled match is.

Rescheduling Games

It is not always possible to schedule all teams on the chosen preferred playing days. The Intramural department is unable to reschedule a team to another day once the schedule is released. Teams that register earlier get priority in getting scheduled on preferred days. Days like Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are more popular and have limited spots, make sure your team has enough participants to attend on a variety of days.


Don't have a team? Register as a free agent! 

Please email our Intramurals & Recreation Intern to be added to the list and include the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Sport(s) of Interest
  • League(s) (Men's, Women's, All Gender)

Once you are picked by a team, please e-mail the Intramurals & Recreation Intern to be removed from the listing.


Contact all free agents directly in order to sign them to your team. You'll need to obtain a waiver from them.


Free Agents must be added by the captain's meeting. Waivers must accompany all roster additions and must be submitted to the Intramural Sports office.


Teams have until the captain's meeting to add players. Waivers must accompany all roster additions and must be submitted to the Intramural Sports office.

Name Email Sport Division
Abolfazl Baloochiyan Futsal, Sand Volleyball, and others All Gender
Rebecca Amrick Sand Volleyball Women's or All Gender
Omar Moussa Futsal All Gender
Ian Imossi Futsal Men's or All Gender