Intramural Sports are a level of competition offered by most colleges and universities. It's where students, faculty and staff can form teams in various sports and compete against one another internally. Some intramural sports offer an opportunity to play other schools which is referred to as extramural sports.  Villanova University belongs to Philly City 6 where they compete against other schools in Philadelphia. VU also belongs to the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) which organizes several extramural and intramural sport events.

Villanova University offers several team-sport seasons in the fall and spring semesters. We also offer shorter tournaments both in the fall and spring. Please visit our Sports page for all our sports offerings. 


Villanova Athletics values the identities and experiences of all members of its community. We are committed to expanding opportunities for all participants and we affirm all genders in sports. Our All Gender league replaced our co-ed league in 2022 and is open for all individuals regardless of gender identity. The All Gender league has new rules for team requirements; be sure to check the specific rules for each sport on these updated rules.

Philadelphia City 6 was developed in 1986 as a way to encourage recreational sports and social interaction among the city universities. City 6 is composed of Drexel University, LaSalle University, Saint Joseph’s University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University. Today they offer championships in Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Basketball and Softball.  Villanova sends the champions for these leagues to this Extramural Tournament. Visit the Philly City 6 website for more information.

NIRSA stands for the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association. NIRSA is the leading resource for professional and student development, education and research in collegiate recreational sports. NIRSA includes nearly 4,000 highly trained professional, student and associate members throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. Serving an estimated 5.5 million students who regularly participate in campus recreational sports programs, NIRSA members are actively engaged in many areas of campus life: student leadership, development, and personnel management; wellness and fitness programs; intramural sports; sport clubs; recreation facility operations; outdoor recreation; informal recreation; and aquatic programs.

Yes! Student employees are vital to the operations of the Intramural Sports Department. The intramural department is student run and comprised of officials/scorekeepers, supervisors and commissioners. Please check the employment page for any positions available, where you will have room for growth and promotion.


The easiest way to participate in Intramurals is by signing up your own team.  Most seasons and tournaments offer three leagues: Men's, Women's and All Gender. One person can compete in both a single gender and the All Gender league of the same sport. However, the Intramural Sports Department is not responsible for scheduling conflicts for teams or individuals. Teams are formed in several ways: dorm floors, campus organizations, Greek organization, friends, etc.  You can also sign up as a free agent, where you could also be added to a team.

The Intramural Department is willing to work to try to accommodate ALL students on campus to participate in all our Intramural offerings. If you have questions about how you can potentially be accommodated, please reach out to the Intramural Coordinator with as much notice as possible so that all potential considerations can be accounted for as we work towards your inclusion in our offerings. 

To register a team, you need to have a team roster form, a waiver for each participant on your team and a forfeit fee. Team roster forms and waivers can be downloaded on our registration page or picked up in the Intramural office on the 3rd floor of the Davis Center for Athletics and Fitness. Please note the dates and times that these forms are required for each sport. TEAMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE DEADLINE. Captains: Allow enough time for your teammates to return waivers to you.  A team MUST submit the minimum number of waivers, team roster sheet and the forfeit fee upon registration.

Yes, but all additions must be made before the pre season captain's meeting.  Each addition must fill out a waiver in order to be added to the roster and participate. Waivers can be dropped off in the Intramural office by appointment or brought to the captain's meeting.

The forfeit fee ensures that your team will show up to all assigned games. The fees vary by sport/activity and are listed on the sports pages under each sport.  If you attend the captain's meeting and all your games, then your fee will be refunded during a refunding period after the end of the season/tournament Note: fees are NOT auto-refunded.

An email will be sent to the captain if they are eligible for a refund regarding the dates and times they can pick it up. If you know in advance that your team cannot field the minimum amount of participants, then you can contact the Intramural Office about the cancellation by 5 PM of the business day prior to the event in order to save your forfeit fee.

When you register a team, we require a team roster sheet, waivers and a forfeit fee. On the team roster sheet, we ask for your team's preferred playing days so we can schedule teams on days that the team members are available and can attend. After registration has concluded, we look at these days and form groups of teams in the same league (Men's, Women's and All Gender) on a given day of the week. Game times are then scheduled randomly using a template once teams are assigned a day.

It is not always possible to schedule all teams on their preferred playing days. This could be due to the number of teams that register for the sport, the field/court availability or the inability to staff the necessary matches on some days. The intramural department is unable to reschedule a team to another day once the schedule is released. Teams that register earlier get priority in getting scheduled on preferred days. Days like Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are more popular and have limited spots. We also recommend teams have more participants in case you are scheduled on a day where some team members aren't available.

If you suffer an injury during an Intramural Sports competition, you MUST immediately notify the Intramural Sports Supervisor on shift. This student employee will provide you with appropriate care and activate Villanova Emergency Medical Services if necessary. If you suffer an injury during a Villanova Intramural Sports game and do not immediately report the injury but would like to afterwards, please contact the Coordinator of Aquatics & Intramurals. Any injury that occurs during an Intramural Sports compeitition is elegible to be covered by Villanova's secondary insurance policy.

All our on-site Intramural Supervisors and Commissioners are certified in First Aid and CPR to provide you with the care you need. If you have any further questions regarding your injury or care, please contact the Director of Recreation.

Concussion Policy:  If you experience any signs or symptoms of a concussion as a result of an injury sustained during intramural sport competition, you are not allowed to return to play until you are evaluated by a medical professional and are cleared to resume athletic participation.

Signs and Symptoms of a concussion include: Headache, Drowsiness, Irritability, Loss of Consciousness, Amnesia, Inability to Focus/Concentrate, Insomnia, Sensitivity to Light/Sound, Slowed Reaction Time, Balance Issues and/or Emotional Changes. Once a medical professional clears you to resume athletic participation, you must provide written clearance to the Director of Recreation. You will then be allowed to resume participation in intramural sports.

If either team does not agree with a call, the captain, and only the captain (or acting captain if captain is not present) can approach the official(s) for an explanation. A rule can be overturned after this time. If this caucus takes up a generous amount of time, the game clock may be stopped for further discussion. Protests of an entire contest based on rules or calls must be made before the teams leave the field of the contest. The formal protest will be settled at that time by the supervisor on duty. A team may protest illegal players at any time [e.g. players on more than one team in the same league (league meaning gender -- Men's, Women's and All Gender); players not on the official roster; etc.].  If you suspect a team of having illegal players you can e-mail us and we will investigate the matter; please do not abuse this procedure -- you must have a legitimate reason to believe a player to be 'illegal'.