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Do you have an idea that could benefit society? Would you like to get paid this summer to transform your idea into a prototype?

INNOVATE: The L3Harris Summer Program provides undergraduate student teams the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to unmet societal or technical challenges.

INNOVATE is a partnership program Villanova University’s College of Engineering and L3Harris Technologies. Over the course of two-months, student teams complete a functional prototype—physical or digital—under the guidance of a faculty mentor. During this time, students gain valuable engineering and leadership experience as they bring their team’s design to life.  


RESOURCES…to build your vision.
Your team will have access to faculty experts and a $3,500 project budget to complete your prototype. Plus, each INNOVATE team member will receive a $3,500 stipend.

EXPERIENCE…to build your resume.
You and your teammates will manage all aspects of your project—from defining the problem through prototyping—and develop communications, leadership and hands-on engineering skills in the process. Any Intellectual Property resulting from your project belongs to your team and your team’s faculty mentor.

CONNECTIONS….to build your professional network.
Your team will deliver a final presentation to L3Harris representatives and participate in mock interviews, which have led to job offers for qualified candidates.  


  • Two-month, on-campus residency: June 1st – July 29th
  • Stipend: $3,500/per student
  • Project budget of $3,500 per team
  • Access to faculty, labs and facilities

How to Apply

INNOVATE is open to all undergraduate engineering students and computer science majors. Students form their own four-person, multidisciplinary teams. In other words, teams must include members from two or more academic majors or disciplines. Teams are responsible for recruiting a Villanova faculty member to serve as their advisor. Finally, teams are required to submit an online pre-proposal and final proposal to apply to the program. A committee will review all pre and final proposals and select four teams to participate in INNOVATE.

To apply…
Step 1: Identify the humanitarian or technological problem you want to solve
Step 2: Form your team and recruit a faculty advisor
Step 3: Submit your pre-proposal
Step 4: Incorporate INNOVATE review committee feedback and submit your final proposal

Proposal Elements

Problem Statement: What humanitarian problem or technological need does your team seek to address? Why is it important to society to address this problem? (max 250 words)

State of the Art: Summarize existing solutions to this problem, if any. (max 150 words)

Proposed Design Solution: What technical solution/prototype does your team propose to design and build? (max 150 words)

Key Objectives: What are the key objectives or features of your prototype? (max 150 words)

Team Expertise: Summarize your team members’ areas of expertise. Why is your team qualified to undertake this project? (max 150 words)

Resource Requirements: What physical or digital resources will your team need to complete this project? (max 150 words)

Jacob Janavel, Electrical Engineering

“INNOVATE was a wonderful, unique and challenging experience. I appreciated the support, time and feedback we were given throughout the program.”

Jacob Janavel
Electrical Engineering
Oxford, PA

John Palermo, Electrical Engineering

“Moving from the design phase to the testing and building phase and seeing our design come to fruition provided me with a lot of gratification and has made me more confident in my passion for engineering.”

John Palermo
Electrical Engineering
Bronxville, NY

Julia Volberg, Electrical Engineering

“The skills I learned through INNOVATE—both formal and informal—are priceless and will stay with me beyond my Villanova career. My team is extremely proud of the product we produced this summer.”

Julia Volberg
Electrical Engineering
Farmingdale, NY

Proposal Deadlines

  • Preproposals: Friday, February 23rd
  • Final proposals: Friday, March 15th

For information regarding INNOVATE, contact Keith Argue, Associate Dean,  External Affairs and INNOVATE Director.

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