In 2020, NovaCell established the Consortium on Cell and Gene Therapy to engage partners from academia, industry and the medical sector in pursuing collaborative research to address shared challenges associated with the development, manufacture and availability of cell and gene products.

Through annual membership contributions, the consortium provides a shared pool of funds to support multi-partner research projects, which are selected via an internal proposal process. Members have access to the results of all consortium-funded projects and can use these findings to enhance their own internal development efforts. Full members can elect to receive a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to any technology created by the consortium for their own commercial use once patent costs are covered.

NovaCell is actively seeking partners to contribute to the consortium’s translational, highly applied research program. Members will work side-by-side with NovaCell faculty and graduate students who are investigating ways to improve the development and manufacture of cellular products.

For more information about NovaCell and the Consortium on Cell & Gene Therapy, please contact:

William J. Kelly, PhD
Director of NovaCell

Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Villanova University

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NovaCell Director
Dr. William Kelly, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering