Title:Biomanufacturing: Optimizing the Isolation, Transfection, and Expansion of CAR-T cells with Modified PES Membranes
National Science Foundation
Start Date
: 2016
: Dr. Jacob Elmer (PI) with Drs. Noelle Comolli and William Kelly (co-PIs)
: In this collaborative research project, Dr. Elmer is using novel non-viral methods to optimize T-cell transfection, Dr. Comolli is working on novel surface modified membranes for T-cell selection and activation, and Dr. Kelly is optimizing the expansion of the specific T-cell subsets.

NovaCell hosted a Cancer Awareness Cookout with Christian Jones who discussed the "Wolfpack Fights Cancer" event that he organizes every year to bring attention to childhood cancer.

NovaCell hosted a Cancer Awareness Cookout

Villanova’s College of Engineering has introduced a Cellular Engineering course in response to industry demand. The course is taught by Dr. Jake Elmer.

PhD student Brooks Hopkins, advised by Dr. Zuyi Huang, presented “A Model-Based Investigation of Cytokine Storm for T-Cell Therapy” during the Computational Methods in Biological and Biomedical Systems section of the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting.

PhD student Matthew Tucker, advised by Dr. Jacob Elmer, presented “Transcriptome (mRNA & small RNA) Analysis of the Host Cell Response to Non-Viral Gene Delivery” at the Biologics I: Drug Delivery Session of the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting.

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