Biochemical Engineering and BioProcessing Laboratory Publications

Hopkins, B. Coppola, C., Huang, Z and Kelly, W. “Investigating the Impact from IL-2, IL-7, and IL-15 on the Growth and Signaling of CD4 Naïve T Cells.” Submitted to International Journal of Molecular Sciences. May 2020

William J. Kelly, Jay Fisher, Justin T. Fisher, and Travis Gurney, “Enhanced Oxygen Transfer and TCell Growth in Microbioreactors mixed with surface-attached Microposts.” Submitted to Biotechnology Journal. May 2020
X. Li, K. Scott, W.J. Kelly, and Z. Huang. “Development of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Scaling-up Ambr bioreactors.” Biotechnology and BioProcess Engineering. December 2018; 23: 710-725 [

W. Kelly, S. Veigne, X. Li, S. Subramanian, Z. Huang, and E. Schaefer. “Optimizing Performance of Semi- Continuous Cell Culture in anAmbr15TM Microbioreactor Using Dynamic Flux Balance Modelling.” Biotechnology Progress, 34(2), 420-431, 2017

W. Kelly, J. Scully, J. Rubinb, V. Kamraju, P. Kioworski, and R. Bhatia. “Understanding and modeling Retention of Mammalian Cells in F


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