Dr. Xu’s Research Group

The Environmental Interfacial Chemistry (EIC) Group has two modern research facilities with about 2,000 square feet of laboratory space at Drosdick Hall (Drosdick 308 and 311). The EIC group research facilities are equipped with: a) an anaerobic glove box (Coy Laboratory Products Inc.); b) a CM tube furnace (model 1600) with a temperature controller for char production; c) a two-probe conductivity cell designed by Dr. Wenqing Xu for conductivity measurements of produced chars; and d) a Model 600E series Electrochemical Analyzer/Workstation that is available for general purpose electrochemical measurements. Other laboratory features include fume hoods, ovens, a muffle furnace, pH and dissolved oxygen meters, bench-scale processes reactors, ozone generator, a Soxhlet extraction apparatus, a temperature-controlled water bath and a centrifuge.

Dr. Wenqing Xu
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering