Engineering Student Council (ESC)

About Us

Villanova’s Engineering Student Council (ESC) is one of the most active and prominent engineering clubs at Villanova. It is a student government organization designed to serve as the voice of the undergraduate population of Villanova University’s College of Engineering. It acts as the liaison to improve student life and foster communication between engineering faculty, staff, students and alumni, as well as other Villanova student organizations.

Additionally, ESC is responsible for allocating budgets to engineering organizations and planning engineering-related spirit events. 

Engineering Student Council is comprised of passionate members eager to plan events and create an enjoyable environment for the College of Engineering.

If you have any suggestions for events that ESC can hold, as well as any feedback, please reach out to

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The executive board of ESC consists of President, Vice President and Treasurer. The board is elected by other members of ESC.

There are five committees, which are flexible to change each semester based on student feedback. The heads of each committee are appointed at the beginning of every new semester. 

  • Drosdick Engagement: Focuses on smaller events held within the Drosdick Hall lobby and around the building, usually for special events, giveaways, and small holidays.
  • External Events: Focuses on planning professional events, such as resume reviews and speaker panels.
  • Relations: Works with other clubs within the College of Engineering and helps manage joint events.
  • Social Events: Plans and runs ESC’s large-scale events.
  • Publicity: Runs ESC’s social media and advertises events by Drosdick Engagement, Events and Relations. It publishes the monthly Drosdick Inquirer.

New members must apply at the beginning of the semester. After being interviewed and accepted, they join the Transitions committee. Upperclassman students may be allowed to join multiple committees, in addition to Transitions.

Board Member Elections

ESC executive board members are elected each spring.