PEERS: Peers Enhancing Educational Resources for Students

About Us

PEERS is a student organization providing peer mentoring to all students, with the emphasis on freshmen and transitional students.


Engineering PEERS, in a complementary role with other members of the Villanova community, and without judgment or imposition of their own personal beliefs, will provide knowledgeable and constructive information, advice, support, and feedback to their peers, in order to enhance the overall quality of the student's experiences here at Villanova University.

The Engineering PEERS program (Peers Enhancing Educational Resources for Students), is a student-to-student mentoring program, designed to enhance the Engineering students' overall experiences at Villanova. PEERS are assigned to specific students; however, they are available to all undergraduate Engineering students through weekly office hours, by phone, email, texting, classroom and (freshmen) dorm visits, and special programming events.

In addition to their knowledge of and experience within the College of Engineering, PEERS are trained in all aspects of the Villanova Community and can provide information or referrals to students as needed. While they may discuss academic procedures (How? Where? What? When? Who?), PEERS do not provide academic advice. Academic advice is provided only by assigned faculty advisors or College administrators.

Membership: Applications will be accepted each Spring