Built on the success of the Villanova Engineering Service Learning (VESL) program and offered through the Center for Humanitarian Engineering and International Development, the minor in Humanitarian Engineering will support the intellectual development of current Villanova University undergraduates who have an interest in humanitarian initiatives with a global perspective, and will foster collaboration with program partners through the provision of technical services that include engineering design and research related to sustainable development. Open to engineering students only.

For specific course requirements, electives and policy,
please view the Villanova University Undergraduate Catalog.


A sampling of courses offered for this minor

Technical Electives

  • Capstone Design 2
  • Special Topics in CEE
  • Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • Alternative Energy
  • Water
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Intro to Electrical Energy Systems
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Undergraduate Research I
  • Geo-Techniques
  • GIS for Urban Sustainability
  • Land Use Planning & Management
  • Natural Res and Conservation
  • Water Resources Planning
  • Sustainable Development
  • Intro to Sustainable Energy
  • Design of Gravity Water Networks
  • Nutrition and Global Health

Professional Electives

  • International Accounting
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Globalization, Work, & Organiz
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • Global Political Economy
  • Catholic Soc. Engineering
  • Geospatial Analysis and Society
  • Geography of Africa
  • Geography of Asia
  • Global Corporate Responsibility
  • Global Business Management
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Business Ethics
  • Global Poverty & Justice
  • International Relations
  • International Law
  • International Political Economy
  • Third World Politics

Academic Framework and Program Timeline*

After declaring the Humanitarian Engineering minor freshman year, a typical course of study may look like this:

Sophomore Year

  • Fall: Professional Elective
  • Spring: Technical Elective
  • Fall or Spring: Introductory Course EGR 2002
  • Fall or Spring: VESL Seminar EGR 5001

Junior Year

  • Fall: Technical elective
  • Spring: Professional elective
  • Fall or Spring: VESL Leadership Seminar

Senior Year

  • Professional elective
  • Fall or Spring: VESL Capstone  - may also be completed the summer after Junior year

Updated 2/22/2021


Jordan Ermilio, Director
Center for Humanitarian Engineering and International Development
Phone: (610) 519-6859


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