Kylee Hall, Chemical Engineering

Activities: Women’s Ultimate team, American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter

First-year lessons learned: Time management skills—it’s a lot different than high school. Also, realize that it’s supposed to be hard and your grades won’t be the same as they were in high school.

Favorite first-year course: Calculus 2

Most challenging first-year course: Material Balances

On the ChE community: We’ve done a lot of events within our department that really make me want to stay in my major. The Chem E’s are all very different personalities but we’re friends and united because it’s a hard major and we need each other to make it!

Why Villanova: I was leaning toward a technical school because I didn’t want to have to take any liberal arts requirements, but that changed when I visited Villanova and experienced the environment and sense of community. Now that I’ve had to take theology and ethics I realize that they are super important to my education.

Career goal: The pharmaceutical industry