Gabe Lekusky, Mechanical Engineering

Activities: Liturgical council, Model UN team, Knights of Columbus, Bryn Mawr Fire Company volunteer

What you’d be surprised to know about me: Having taken four years of Latin and an independent course on the Ancient World in the high school, I’m a huge fan of the classics/ancients. As engineers we have a duty to become well versed in math and science but to also acquaint ourselves with the Romans and Greeks so we can see where the beginnings of engineering occurred.

Most enjoyable courses: Moderns (great conversations that definitely struck a cord with me) and Intro to Computer-Aided Design with Jim O’Brien. He made everything so engaging!

Most challenging course: Coding

For fun: Friends; movies; playing the saxophone; blaring music, dancing and annoying my roommate, whom I’ve known since 2nd grade.

Connections: I met three seniors who are fellow volunteer firefighters and engineering majors. They have been open to answering questions about teachers or courses and offering more general guidance.

Why Villanova: All of my professors know my name and actually care about me and my success. I talk to friends at other schools and they have very different experiences.

Post grad plans: Do Villanova’s five-year BS/MS program and then go to NY and join FDNY and do engineering contracting work to pay the bills (with a company like Buckeye) OR work for Boeing or Lockheed, an aeronautical defense contractor (an interest which I credit to watching Top Gun as a kid).