Andrea Cabot, Mechanical Engineering

Activities: VESTED (Villanova Engineering, Science and Technology Enrichment and Development, a STEM outreach program) and Latin American Student Organization executive board co-chair

Minor: Sustainability Studies or Sustainable Engineering and Humanitarian Engineering

Favorite first-year course: Environmental Ethics. It was difficult but I enjoyed it because I learned so many things. I now find myself talking to family friends about related topics. Solidworks with Jim O’Brien was fun.

Most challenging first-year course: Computer programming. I had no previous experience and it required me to start thinking in different ways. I learned a lot though, and even if I’ve not completely mastered programming at least I have a basic understanding.

First-year lessons learned: Form a study group of engineering classmates. It’s important to have friends also within your major whom you can go to for support.

Connection: I went to tutoring through PEERS (COE’s student mentoring program) and now I go to that same upperclassman for advice on which professors and courses to take.

Outside class: I enjoy being by myself to recharge. You’re rarely alone so I need that time to myself, maybe do a hair mask or face mask!

Why Villanova: Engineering is going to be difficult wherever you go, but Villanova offers professors who are really interested in helping you out. Supportive professors is something I don’t hear of in a lot of other places. Villanova Engineers also have a goal of helping other people. It’s very much oriented to how you can make the world a better place. That’s fostered here.

Career goal: Sustainability