Formal criteria for admission to the Ph.D. program include:

Previous Degree
Master’s degree in engineering from an ABET accredited institution or an established foreign institution.

Applicants with only a bachelor’s degree in engineering may also apply. If admitted, B.S. only students must complete an additional 24 credits of graduate coursework to complete the PhD program.

For students applying with either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering, a cumulative GPA of 3.5 on a point scale of 4.0 is required in the most recent engineering degree obtained.

TOEFL - Score of at least 90 for international applicants is expected with mandatory ESL course.

IELTS - Score of at least 7.0 for international applicants is expected with mandatory ESL course.

The TOEFL / IELTS examination may be waived by the Associate Dean if there is sufficient proof of the candidate’s ability to speak, comprehend, and write high-quality English. An example of this is if the candidate were successfully working for at least several years in an engineering position.

For questions about graduate admission or enrollment:

Kyle Murray
Assistant Director, Graduate Enrollment Operations

For current or incoming PhD students with questions:

Leslie McNamee
Assistant Director, Graduate Programs Operations



PhD student Li Chen

INTERN Supplement Supports PhD Student’s Opportunity with Nokia Bell Labs

An NSF INTERN supplement to an existing Phase II I/UCRC grant for the Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems will fund an opportunity at Nokia Bell Labs for Villanova PhD student Li Chen. Li will be working with Dr. Rafaelle Luca Amalfi on electronics cooling projects, which will complement his PhD research on the environmental sustainability of data centers. Li’s advisor is Dr. Aaron Wemhoff

Cutting-Edge Study Reveals Engineering Properties of Enhanced Bentonites

Cutting-Edge Study Reveals Engineering Properties of Enhanced Bentonites

Canadian Geotechnical Journal has published a new paper by PhD candidate Shan Tong and Assistant Professor Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord on the engineering properties of enhanced bentonites. The paper presents the results of Tong’s cutting-edge multi-year experimental study to better understand how polymer addition impacts the rate at which contaminants can move through bentonite barriers and into the environment over time. More.

PhD student Menglong Lei

Doctoral Student Recognized by ASME Fluids Engineering Division

Villanova PhD student Menglong Lei has been selected as an ASME Graduate Student Scholar for the Computational Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee by the ASME Fluids Engineering Division. The award is based on his submitted paper "Effects of Wing Kinematics on Modulating Odor Plume Structures in the Odor Tracking Flight of Fruit Flies.” Lei’s advisor is Dr. Chengyu Li, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering.