The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) program requires:

  • 30 semester credit hours (10 courses), including at least 24 course credits and 6 credits of research for the thesis option.
  • A math requirement, which can be met by either taking ME 7000 (Advanced Engineering Analysis) or ME 7030 (Numerical Methods for Engineering Simulation).
  • A combined maximum of six credits may be either (1) taken outside the department with the approval of the graduate committee chair; or (2) may be transferred from other institutions with the approval of the graduate committee chair. A grade of "B" or better is necessary for transfer of credits.
  • Only graduate and research assistants are required to write a thesis. It is optional for other students.
  • Students must maintain at least a "B" average.


Thesis Option 

Non-Thesis Option

Required Math Elective

3 credits

3 credits

Elective courses

21 credits

27 credits


6 credits

Not applicable

Total credit hours

30 credits

30 credits





Qianhong Wu, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies


Deogratius Kisitu, Graduate Assistant

"Villanova's MSME program is outstanding; the rigorous, solid courses and groundbreaking graduate thesis research have greatly augmented my knowledge and skills as an aspiring thermal engineer.”

Deogratius Kisitu, Graduate Assistant


Mary Beth Biddle, graduate of Villanova's Master's in Mechanical Engineering program.

“I was able to take courses from renewable energy and manufacturing to composites and finite element analysis—a wide range of topics that I couldn’t necessarily find in other programs.”

Mary Beth Biddle, Mechanical Engineer, Lockheed Martin; Adjunct Professor, Thomas Jefferson University


Gregory Karambelas, Senior Associate / Mechanical Engineer, CannonDesign

"The MSME program gave me the opportunity to connect engineering with nature. From my thesis on biomimetic materials science that analyzed the naturally occurring strength of seashells, to my courses in heat transfer and renewable energy. These gave me the solid foundation of HVAC system design I use to this day in making buildings operate more sustainably with our environment."

Gregory Karambelas, Senior Associate / Mechanical Engineer, CannonDesign