Thank you for your interest in the Villanova School of Business students! Employers are valuable partners in the educational process. VSB’s O’Donnell Center for Professional Development, works, in collaboration with the Villanova Career Center, to make connections between employers and students.

Hiring an Intern

Hosting VSB interns &/or partnering with the O’Donnell Center to offer a CoOp program is mutually beneficial for employers and students. Employers gain from the wealth of business knowledge and energy that VSB students can provide in a professional setting, while students are afforded the opportunity to test their skills and gather valuable insight into career interests, professional aspirations, and personal values.

See below for guidelines that apply to host interns who are earning academic credit for the work experience and developing a CoOp partnership with VSB.

To learn more about considering Villanova undergraduate business students for internships or CoOps, please contact the O’Donnell Center at kaitlin.grady@villanova.edu | (610) 519-5532.

Recruiting for Full-time Positions

The O’Donnell Center for Professional Development collaborates with the Villanova Career Center to provide assistance with hiring Villanova students for full-time opportunities.

To discuss recruiting Villanova students for full-time opportunities, please contact Christie Vuoto, Director, Industry Advising, 610.519.5775.

Engaging with Students

There are many ways to connect with and build brand recognition among Villanova business students, including but not limited to:

  • recruiting for externships, internships and full-time positions
  • developing a CoOp program
  • hosting information sessions/tables
  • participating in campus career and professional development programs
  • connecting with student business societies engaging alumni at your organization in VSB’s Mentor Program

To discuss opportunities for your organization to connect with VSB students, contact the O’Donnell Center via email at Kaitlin Grady | (610) 519-5532.

The Clay Center at VSB/ O’Donnell Center for Professional Development
Bartley 1054
The Clay Center Team/O’Donnell Center Team

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

VSB Deloitte Student Group Fund

The VSB Deloitte Student Group Fund is available for all VSB Business Societies and is to be used for Professional Development experiences!

Villanova Career Center

The O'Donnell Center partners with the Villanova Career Center, which offers comprehensive career development and job search resources to students and alumni of the university.


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Handshake is Villanova’s go-to resource for jobs, internships, events and more! 

Through Handshake, you can apply for positions, explore companies and connections, and sign up for career fairs and workshops all in one place. Find out the full details on Handshake for employers and students