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VSB provides you with a variety of opportunities to gain the international business experience necessary to become outstanding leaders and global citizens that will enhance your competitiveness in today's workplace.

Study Abroad

The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) provides the opportunity to experience the world beyond the borders of our campus and country.  

It’s never too early to start planning your study abroad experience!







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International Business Co-Major/Minor

To earn the International Business (IB) co-major, students must take it in conjunction with their primary major within VSB. A minor in IB will supplement a business degree by providing cross-cultural skills valued by global companies.

Global Citizens Program

The Global Citizens Program is open to VSB freshmen.

This 16-week overseas study experience combines academic coursework with a practical internship located in either London or Singapore! This program is designed to offer a unique and life-altering academic experience to first-year business students where they can:

  • Challenge pre-conceived notions of the world
  • Test career assumptions early
  • Study overseas again as a sophomore, junior or first-semester senior

Global Leadership Fellows Program

Designed to provide students with an opportunity to emphasize and integrate global leadership throughout their undergraduate experience, the Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLF) includes special curricular and extracurricular offerings that encourage the increased international study and support the pursuit of careers in global business. Students who fulfill the GLF Program requirements are awarded a certificate that names them a life-long VSB Global Leadership Fellow.

Customized VSB Programming Abroad

We believe that all students, faculty and staff should have exposure to and develop an appreciation of foreign cultures, political systems, religious traditions, and economic institutions to become thoughtful global citizens.


The Elenore and Robert F. Moran Sr. Center for Global Leadership

The Center is dedicated to promoting cross-cultural awareness, ethical international business relationships, and responsible global leadership. We provide $250,000 annually in fellowships and scholarships to support international experiences.


The Clay Center at VSB/ O’Donnell Center for Professional Development
Bartley 1054
The Clay Center Team/O’Donnell Center Team

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Villanova is a rigorous, comprehensive program of challenging seminars, research opportunities, service projects, and cultural and social events designed to bring together exceptional students and dedicated faculty.