Global Citizens Program

Villanova University, School of Business Global Citizens Program

The Global Citizens Program is only open to Villanova University freshman who will be enrolled in the Villanova School of Business.

This sixteen week overseas study experience combines academic coursework with a practical internship located in either London or Singapore! This program is designed to offer a unique and life-altering academic experience to first year business students, thereby enabling participants to:

  • Stimulate greater intellectual curiosity early in their college careers
  • Challenge pre-conceived notions of the world
  • Test career assumptions early
  • Start building resumes and allow for more competitive future jobs
  • Have the opportunity to study overseas later as a sophomore, junior, or first semester senior.

This semester-long overseas study experience combines academic coursework with a practical internship.


The Global Citizens Program London is centered in South Kensington with accomodation providing easy access to the tube for travel to class or internships.


The Global Citizens Program Singapore is centrally located near shopping and businesses.

All invited students interested in applying must apply via the Office of Education Abroad's passport.villanova online application system no later than the published deadline.

Application Procedures

First, create a user account in the Passport Villanova application portal by clicking on the "New User Registration" button on the right of the screen. 

In Step 1, select "I do not have login credentials to this site"
In Step 2, select "I am not currently registered at an institution"

This will then take you to the new user account creation which you will need to complete. Once you receive your Non-Villanova login information, you will use the above link to access your individual account.

Second, access the application for your top choice program:

    Click on Apply Now and use your Non-Villanova login information to access the     application

    Click on Apply Now and use your Non-Villanova login information to access the     application

Students are encouraged to apply to only one location. If you are not admitted to your top choice program, you may be offered a placement in the other program location, on a rolling admissions basis.  

Students do not need to be committed to Villanova University to apply for, and be accepted to, the Global Citizens Program. Commitment to Villanova can occur after students are notified of their acceptance to the GCP. 

GCP participants pay normal Villanova semester tuition directly to Villanova University. Students are entitled to all approved Villanova grants and scholarship aid. Special billing arrangements apply for all tuition remission, tuition exchange and Augustinian family scholars - please contact the OEA for details.

All GCP housing costs are also included in the cost of tuition, but students are responsible for flights, meals and other personal expenses. Please note that this billing situation is unique to GCP participants and the tuition policy will differ for any future semester study abroad experiences. Estimated additional costs and meal options can be discussed with the staff of the Office of Education Abroad prior to departure.


Villanova University has the right to make cancellations, substitutions, or changes in case of emergency or changed conditions, or in the interest of the program.


For further information, please contact the Office of Education Abroad, Middleton Hall by phone: 610-519-6412 or email

NOTICE: Villanova University reserves the right to modify or cancel the program if circumstances warrant.