The Villanova Master of Business Taxation with Data Analytics program enhances undergraduate accounting and non-accounting business backgrounds by providing coursework in complementary areas including finance, big data, ethics, and advanced writing and e-business. Courses cover a wide variety of relevant, career-advancing topics including:

  • The pervasive impact of taxation on business operations and planning
  • Corporate taxation and partnership taxation
  • Advanced tax topics including tax research, policy and ethics, state and local taxation, international taxation, and merger and acquisition transactions
  • Financial market issues, such as derivative financial instruments and corporate restructuring
  • Ethics and professional standards
  • Emerging tax technologies
  • The impact of e-business on the business value chain

Our courses were carefully designed with guidance from VSB’s Accounting Advisory Council, a group of dedicated professionals from prominent public accounting, consulting firms and industry. Council members help ensure that our course offerings are up-to-date, relevant, and thought-provoking.

The MBT program, when paired with the appropriate undergraduate course work, may assist students in meeting the 150-hour CPA requirement that is now effective in most states. Students should research state-specific requirements prior to applying for the exam.


  • Begins each fall and spring
  • Full-time
  • Two semesters to graduate
  • Learn alongside a cohort of your peers



MAC 8100 - Emerging Technologies (3-day pre-course) (1.5 credits)

MAC 8201 - Taxes and Business Strategy (3 credits)

MAC 8231 - Corporate Taxation (3 credits)

MAC 8217 - Accounting Analytics (3 credits)

MAC 8226 - State and Local Taxation (1.5 credits)

MAC 8239 - Tax Research, Policy & Ethics (1.5 credits)

MAC 8307 - Advanced Business and Technical Writing

MAC 8200 - Leadership for the New Accounting Professional

MAC 8223 - Partnership Tax (3 credits)

MAC 8227 - International Tax (1.5 credits)

MAC 8228 - Tax issues Mergers & Acquisitions Transactions (1.5 credits)

MAC 8207 - Data: Models, Analysis, and Visualization (3 credits)

MAC 8205 - Accounting Systems and Controls (3 credits)

MAC 8341 - Digital Accounting Experience (1.5 credits)


PLEASE NOTE: Curriculum is subject to change.




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