Heritage Months

Heritage Months celebrate and recognize the accomplishments and contributions that underrepresented groups have made to American history, society and culture. VSB recognizes that influence and impact through the commemoration of these months.


"I am proud to be part of a VSB community that recognizes that we must do more to promote an equitable and inclusive culture at VSB, and has taken significant steps to expand upon DEI efforts that will continue to drive meaningful, measurable progress.  These efforts align perfectly with VSB’s mission to develop business leaders for a better world."
Christine Dorfler ’97 VSB
Vice Chair, Dean’s Advisory Council
CFO, NBC Sports Group, NBCUniversal


Training Examples

The following concepts are used to develop training workshops for students, faculty, and staff.

Diversity 101

This workshop aims to prepare staff for culturally and ethnically sensitive situations in the workplace through the exploration and discussion of sample case studies.

Inclusive Environments for Teaching and Learning

This discussion-based workshop asks faculty to consider what it means to create an inclusive classroom and how to incorporate current events dealing with diversity and inclusion into the classroom. Small group discussions will be centered on sample case studies and connections to how outside events affect the lives of students.

Inclusive Hiring

This series provides faculty and staff hiring managers with the knowledge and skills needed to execute a search that is equitable, fair and able to produce a diverse pool of applicants from which the best candidates will be selected. These blocks of training will help participants recognize how some decisions are made not on the best information but on habitual and comfortable ways of thinking.

Inclusive Language

Language is not neutral. Historically, rhetoric and language have been used to empower some and exclude others. Developing sensitivity to language is key to understanding the principles that unite and divide us. This is a guide for using inclusive language to improve leadership skills and strengthen inclusive practices on campus (classrooms, meetings, service interaction).

Introduction to Implicit Bias

We as humans quickly jump to conclusions. This workshop asks students to read a set of statements that make up a story and then determine whether a different set of statements about that story is true or false. The purpose of this activity is to reveal unconsciously made inferences that are typically incorrect.

Moving from Multiculturalism to Intercultural Communication

This interactive discussion presents an understanding of the latest thinking in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion. It also discusses best practices emerging from these new understandings useful in higher education.

We are here to answer your questions and offer support on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matters at VSB.


VSB Climate Improvement Feedback Portal

VSB ODEI is committed to creating a more inclusive, and equitable community. Please submit your suggestions below to help us improve our efforts.

Report a Climate Concern to Villanova University

If you are concerned about any issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion, please do not hesitate to contact us.



“Each of us had something to learn from others and something to teach in return.”
- St. Augustine



“Embracing all with mutual respect leads to rich discussions, broader perspectives that in turn bring all together in any environment to achieve together.”
Michele Etzel ’87 VSB
Chair, Dean’s Advisory Council;
CEO, National Enterprise Solutions;
CFO, National Graphics Inc.