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VSB will be a leader in creating an inclusive, equitable and diverse community that serves all members and stakeholders and reflects the University’s commitment to equality, justice and mutual respect. VSB will also seek to increase the representation of underrepresented groups across race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socio-economic, religious and other social identities and backgrounds.



Joyce E. A. Russell, PhD, the Helen and William O’Toole Dean of the Villanova School of Business, shares the various ways business schools can, and should, contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion in their schools as well as in the broader community.



Terrill L Drake
“When people feel they belong, it improves their chances for success. Higher education needs to do what we do best—generate and share knowledge—to create a more inclusive environment and model the world in which we want to live.”
- Terrill L. Drake VSB Head Diversity Officer and Associate Dean,
Strategic Initiatives




Ashley Bracey

“Women have always known that anything is within our capabilities and that our voices help organizations reap the benefits of equality. Now that the world around us is beginning to catch up, it’s time for us to show what we’ve always known as the truth – nothing is off limits to us.” – Ashley Bracey '18 EMBA

Giuliana Concha-Pedraza

“It’s so important to have a safe space, especially when you know you’re going to face adversity in the workplace. I work in finance, a primarily male dominated industry. Knowing that I’ve done the work in the MBA gives me so much more confidence to achieve my goals even when I’m underestimated or facing challenges.” – Giuliana Concha-Pedraza '20 MBA


As a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce (GPCC), VSB is please to share an excerpt from their DEI Best Practices. Microaggressions are a covert form of discrimination that, whether intentional or not, can be particularly harmful to diverse populations, including those of color, with disabilities, women, LGBTQ+, and other communities.

Microaggressions are a piece of a much larger, systemic problem — thus, one way for employers to approach and confront microaggressions is to take a holistic approach to racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination as a whole in the workplace.

This month, GPCC sheds light on a few types of microaggressions and how Tierney's Actions for Change is helping the agency address the racism experienced specifically by Black professionals and communities.

The Villanova School of Business is thankful to @BlackVillanova for creating space for our Black and People of Color community members to share their experiences. We hear you.

As a Senior Leadership Team, we are reading each post and listening to our community members. We encourage the entire VSB community to do the same. To facilitate the necessary changes, we need to lean into challenging conversations.

The stories shared weigh heavily on our minds and hearts. We have work to do to make our community more welcoming and inclusive, and we will respond in a way that is proactive and supportive.

VSB is revising its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plans to include more actionable steps with visible outcomes. We are a School dedicated to its students, faculty, staff and alumni and are committed to learning, understanding and growing – all of it from a deep spiritual center. Your words will make us become a stronger Augustinian community that truly values each and every person.

We stand with you and will work together to eliminate systemic racism within VSB, the University and the world.

-The VSB Senior Leadership Team


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We are here to answer your questions and offer support on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matters at VSB.

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“Each of us had something to learn from others and something to teach in return.”
- St. Augustine



“Embracing all with mutual respect leads to rich discussions, broader perspectives that in turn bring all together in any environment to achieve together.”
Michele Etzel ’87 VSB
Chair, Dean’s Advisory Council;
CEO, National Enterprise Solutions;
CFO, National Graphics Inc.