Classroom Equipment and Technologies

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Evolving technologies continue to impact many aspects of teaching and learning. There is an increased awareness of the desire and need to communicate external to the physical classroom; there is need to collaborate and file share resources beyond our campus colleagues and students; and there is a need to address the changing learning styles of a new generation of students. Villanova has made a commitment to upgrade the teaching technologies installed in our classrooms on a continuing basis.

There are approximately 200 learning spaces across campus supported by UNIT’s Instructional Technologies group.   In the past several years there has been an increased demand for high-end technology enabled classrooms. UNIT has addressed the demand by implementing new standards for classroom configurations which are implemented in new construction and in classroom upgrades. Innovative strategies for the planning, design and the operation of classroom technologies are incorporated with two factors in mind:  1) the infrastructure must easily accommodate changing technology; and 2) classroom space must offer a range of solutions from basic classroom technologies to smart classrooms with interactive devices, collaborative systems and recording and streaming capabilities to accommodate both the traditional and the distance learner. This unique approach allows us to transform basic classrooms into fully adaptive learning spaces that support hybrid, dual-purpose and flipped classroom initiatives.

UNIT’s Classroom Technologies group installs, upgrades, maintains and supports multimedia and Audio/Video presentation equipment in all registrar booked general classrooms as well as many labs, conference rooms and event spaces on campus.

Do you remember a few years ago when your cable provider made a change from broadcasting analog signals in favor of digital signals? The same transition is happening in the AV industry and it will affect all consumer and commercial electronics products in the marketplace. The Analog Sunset refers to a portion of the Advance Access Content System (AACS) license agreement adopted by content owners and device manufactures to insure copyright protected content, such as motion pictures, is not illegally copied and distributed. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), along with a license obtained from the Digital Content Protection, LLC helps prevent the stealing of data. What does this mean for you? The VGA (blue) connection in classroom AV systems will begin to be phased out as computers, displays and other AV equipment no longer have or support this analog connection. You can read more about the Analog Sunset and DRM (Digital Rights Management) in the following links:

 Extron Analog Sunset 

Digital Rights Management

If you are experiencing problems with the classroom AV equipment during class please call the Classroom Support Hotline @ 610-519-5631.  We can often resolve issues by phone or a technician will be dispatched to provide immediate assistance. Even if you do not need immediate assistance, please notify us if you have experienced a problem with the classroom equipment that needs to be corrected so we can address it as quickly as possible.


Report a Problem or Request Assistance

Call the Classroom Support Hotline @ 610-519-5631 to report classroom A/V problems, request assistance or request training. For basic operations we can often meet you right before your class and get you up to speed!