Classroom Display Instructions

Unit's Classroom Technologies group maintains supports and upgrades Multimedia and Audio/Video presentation equipment in all Registrar Booked General classrooms as well as many Labs, Conference rooms and event spaces around campus. 

These rooms are equipped with projectors for the display of computer generated content. These instructions can help you get connected to the projector in wired classrooms on campus. If you are using a wireless diplay system please see the AirMedia section below. 

Wireless Display - AirMedia Equipped Classrooms 
(Select rooms in Bartley, CEER, Driscoll and Law)

Image that appears on the projector in an AirMedia enabled room.

AirMedia allows you to wirelessly present using your own device or University issued laptop. Share your content through the big screen without hooking up any wires. AirMedia supports Windows and OS X computers, as well as Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. AirMedia allows your students to present or share content from their device as well, making collaboriation and sharing even easier. Simply connect via the local Wi-Fi® network and start sharing content from your portable device. Simply connect via the local Wi-Fi network and start sharing content from your portable device. Simply connect to the projector using the instructions on the screen.

Presenters using a Mac or PC can connect to AirMedia without any special software installed, while iPad and other mobile device users need only download the free AirMedia app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. With AirMedia in the classrooms, anyone can walk into a room and wirelessly present on the room display from their personal iOS or Android mobile device, MacBook or PC laptop. 

Using AirMedia Instructions

Report a Problem or Provide Feedback

Call 610-519-5631 to report a problem or request a training session. For basic operations we can often meet you 10 minutes before your class and get you up to speed. Feedback can be accomplished by phone or Email at 

Need Training?

If you would like to set up training, either one on one or for your group or department, on the use of various classroom technologies please contact