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Dear Villanova Community;

Welcome to the Summer 2015 issue of UNIT’s Progress Report. This newsletter is meant to inform you about UNIT Projects, Support and Service Offerings to the University. Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues by contacting:

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UNIT’s 2014-2015 Annual Report Available for Viewing Back to top

UNIT is proud to present its 2014-2015 annual report. Over the last year, UNIT has continued to seek, adopt, and implement new technologies that play an important role in teaching, learning and research. Please Click Here to view the Annual report and Annual Report Recap Video.

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IT Security and Information Protection Strategy Update Back to top

Information is a critical University asset that must be protected. The University IT Security and Information Protection strategy is essential for preventing and reacting to emerging risks associated with the University’s diverse slate of IT initiatives. The goal of the IT Security and Information Protection strategy is to mitigate risks with appropriate consideration of prevention, detection and response mechanisms. UNIT accomplishes this through proactive assessment of vulnerabilities, developing robust information security policies, implementing technical measures to protect campus resources, educating users about security related issues, and developing mechanisms to react to incidents and events that endanger the University’s information assets.


A Sampling a Security actions to date:

o   IT Risk Assessment

o   Risk assessment is the practice of identifying threats and vulnerabilities to data, systems and processes.

o   In 2014, a risk assessment taskforce was created to examine the risks and controls as they relate to processes, people, technology and governance.

o   Development of security policies and protocols from the risk assessment results

o   Implementation of technical measures

o   Revamped approach to network segmentation from physical to virtual

o   Encrypted all Banner databases

o   Installed new Next-Gen Internet Firewall (s) to protect campus

o   Maintained the university’s PCI compliance certification ensuring a secure environment for University credit card processing

o   IT Security Awareness Campaign

o   A key element of Villanova’s IT Security and Information Protection Strategy program which focuses on the often over-looked “human” element.

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Faculty and Staff PC Refresh 2015 Update Back to top


The 2015 PC Refresh began in June 2015 where all Colleges and administrative offices receive new computers for eligible University full-time faculty and staff. UNIT’s Technology Support (TSS) office supports the University’s PC Refresh 2015 Program by managing to proven repeatable processes and procedures for desktop/laptop replacements.  Accountability for PC assets is controlled by well-implemented and well-defined processes around people, technology, and data and information. During the refresh, all primary laptops and desktops will be replaced with a new computer and an upgraded software suite. The total number of computers to be replaced is about 1800. Please visit the Faculty and Staff PC Refresh 2015 website for updates, including detailed schedules, computer specifications and other important PC Refresh information.

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During the Spring 2015 semester, UNIT will be initiating 2-Factor Authentication.  2-Factor Authentication is a second level of security when logging into the gateway from off-campus.  A cell phone number or landline phone number will be needed to assist you in this new Security Initiative.  2-Factor Authentication Security further prevents potential data breach scenarios for the University.  More information will be communicated before our implementation.  For further information on the University’s IT Security Awareness Program, please visit UNIT's homepage.

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Network Infrastructure Improvements Back to top

UNIT’s Network and Communication Services team (NETCOMM) is in the process of upgrading the network infrastructure around campus. These improvements will help to increase bandwidth and throughput between buildings, and reduce network transmission delays. For example, transmission delays cause pesky “jitter” for streaming high-quality media (gaming/video/audio), video on demand, and delay-sensitive data like real-time voice.

The following is a list of buildings currently in-scope:

  • Kennedy Hall to the Connelly Center & Austin Hall
  • Law School to Garey Hall & Facilities Services Building
  • Austin Hall to Alumni, Corr & St. Rita Halls
  • Facilities Building to Steam Plant & the Structural Engineering Buildings
  • Tolentine Hall to Delurey, Fedigan, Simpson, O'Dwyer & Middleton Hall

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UNIT has partnered with Easy Vista Inc. to roll out a New Service Desk System which includes an enhanced Self Service option that allows for the Villanova community to easily request UNIT related services and solutions online.

Visit our Easy Vista Support page to access the Self Service system please go to the following page to review short instructions and log in.

Please contact the TechZone at x7777, or via Chat on the UNIT Homepage if assistance is required.

Password Complexity Updates Back to top


As part of an ongoing IT Security and Information Protection Strategy, UNIT will be moving all users to a complex password format by July 2015. Older password formats have been identified through the IT Risk Assessment as being potential security risks and new password requirements will be introduced to mitigate these risks. Clients who are still using older password formats will be contacted directly to reset their passwords by specific dates or the account password will expire. If the account password expires, client may still reset their passwords to the new format or contact the Helpdesk for assistance.

All new passwords issued by Villanova will have the following guidelines:

•                    At least 1 upper or lower case letter

•                    At least 1 number

•                    At least 1 special character e.g. %, $, ( < > & ' "

•                    Must have at least 5 unique characters

•                    At least 8 characters in length

•                    No Personally Identifiable Information

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UNIT’s Director, University Card Systems, Wildcard Awarded CBORD’s Above & Beyond Award Back to top


CBORD -an industry leader in campus card systems - Has recently recognized Kathy Gallagher, UNIT’s Director of the Wildcard program at Villanova University as the 2014 Above & Beyond Award honoree for leadership and exceptional service not only her own university, but to her fellow CBORD users. Kathy and her team are well known in the campus card industry for their commitment to innovation and customer service. Beyond serving Villanova, Kathy also serves colleagues at other universities by participating on CBORD's User Advisory Council, presenting at conferences, and hosting other universities on campus to help them adopt strategies that have been successful at Villanova.

UNIT’s Web Services & Technology Group Awarded the 2014 WebAward Mobile Standard of Excellence Back to top

UNIT’s Web Services & Technology Group won the Web Marketing Association’s WebAward 2014 Mobile Standard of Excellence for outstanding achievement in website development. The team was recognized for the Responsive Design Implementation of the entire Villanova University website.

UNIT Produced Promotional Villanova Video in Times Square Back to top


The UNIT Multimedia Technologies group produces promotional videos for various departments on campus. Most recently they were tasked with creating an ad for Villanova that was displayed during the Big East Tournament in Times Square. Check it out!

New UNIT Employees Back to top

In the past year UNIT has welcomed the following employees to the UNIT Team:
Chris Backofen - Application Programmer Analyst
Sarah Becker – Multimedia Specialist
David Cyphers – Lead Application Programmer
Daniel Devos – Imaging Coordinator
Kevin Dietzler – Application Programmer Analyst
Kevin Higgins – System Administrator Windows
Patrick Nugent – Multimedia Production Specialist Level 1


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