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Dear Villanova Community:

Welcome to the Spring 2015 issue of UNIT’s Progress Report. This newsletter is meant to inform you about UNIT Projects, Support and Service Offerings to the University. Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues by contacting:

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In 2014, UNIT launched a two-year program, to help protect the University with a security awareness program that provide awareness, training, and policies for University faculty and staff to defend against today’s cyber threats, both at work and at home.  

Villanova understands that employees are a critical part of any organization‘s security objectives. Without proper employee training, even the most advanced technical controls will remain ineffective.

Although Villanova provides multiple layers of security technologies, such as firewalls and anti-virus  software, cyber attackers can sometimes bypass these defensive layers by targeting staff, faculty, and students directly using techniques such as phishing, drive-by downloads or scam related phone calls. Technology controls are certainly part of the equation, but they cannot defend against malicious attacks alone. Staff, faculty, and students must be properly trained to be made aware of IT security requirements and best practices to address Villanova‘s vulnerability to human based cyber-attacks. 

The goal is for University students staff and faculty to understand the risks in using today‘s technology and how to effectively defend against today‘s cyber threats. The University’s IT Security Awareness Program centers on the following key areas:

1.  Necessary training and awareness material, including security awareness materials and reference tools.

2.  Senior management support, including University communications, legal counsel, and human resources

3.  Business units, academic colleges, and administrative departments support to help coordinate campus-wide deployment.

For 2015, the University continues to provide training to all staff and faculty; and, intends to include students as the program's phases are executed.

To date, several key business and academic areas of the University have achieved 100% participation rates for the program.

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Faculty and Staff PC Refresh 2015 Update

Beginning June 2015, all Colleges and administrative offices will receive new computers for eligible University full-time faculty and staff. UNIT’s Technology Support (TSS) office supports the University’s PC Refresh 2015 Program by managing to proven repeatable processes and procedures for desktop/laptop replacements.  Accountability for PC assets is controlled by well-implemented and well-defined processes around people, technology, and data and information.

During the refresh, all primary laptops and desktops will be replaced with a new computer and an upgraded software suite. The total number of computers to be replaced is about 1800.

Please visit the Faculty and Staff PC Refresh 2015 website for updates, including detailed schedules, computer specifications and other important PC Refresh information.

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The Nova Now mobile app has been updated with an improved user experience: Campus Map, Nova Bucks accepted locations, password reset and more. We extended the timeout to two hours and embedded external website links within the app.   Download the latest version from Apple’s iTunes store and Google’s Play store available today. For iOS devices, you may be prompted to accept push notifications. Please accept this request, as we will be implementing push notifications in the future. Visit the NovaNow page for more information, instructions for downloading the app and to provide any feedback.

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vDesktop is UNIT's virtual desktop technology that provides access to a high performing virtual machine through a variety of devices.  vDesktop allows users to access Windows and various software applications via any computer with an internet connection.  The operating system, apps, and data are streamed directly from Villanova’s data center.  Virtualization technologies optimize the delivery of these desktops and applications that are customized for the faculty, staff, and students’ needs.  The Citrix Receiver application can be installed on any device and insures a higher quality user experience, but is not required to access vDesktop. Faculty and Students are encouraged to login with Villanova username and password and explore everything from Office to SPSS, Maple, Endnote, MS Project, Fathom, Minitab, SigmaPlot, Matematica, and more! Visit the vDesktop page for more information and log in here.     

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UNIT has partnered with Easy Vista Inc. to roll out a New Service Desk System which includes an enhanced Self Service option that allows for the Villanova community to easily request UNIT related services and solutions online.

Visit our Easy Vista Support page to access the Self Service system please go to the following page to review short instructions and log in.

Please contact the TechZone at x7777, or via Chat on the UNIT Homepage if assistance is required.

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Beware of IRS phone and email scams. Local police departments will NEVER contact you regarding delinquent taxes.
The IRS has urged taxpayers to be aware that tax-related scams proliferate during this time of year. Tax scams can take many forms, with perpetrators posing as the IRS or law enforcement in everything from e-mail refund schemes to phone impersonators.  The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email to request personal or financial information. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as text messages and social media channels. The IRS also does not ask for personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords or similar confidential access information for credit card, bank or other financial accounts. Recipients should not open any attachments or click on any links contained in the message. If you receive a suspicious email of phone call claiming to be from the IRS or law enforcement, save the email or contact information and notify the Villanova Help Desk at or by calling x97777.

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During the Spring 2015 semester, UNIT will be initiating 2-Factor Authentication.  2-Factor Authentication is a second level of security when logging into the gateway from off-campus.  A cell phone number or landline phone number will be needed to assist you in this new Security Initiative.  2-Factor Authentication Security further prevents potential data breach scenarios for the University.  More information will be communicated before our implementation.  For further information on the University’s IT Security Awareness Program, please visit UNIT's homepage.

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UNIT continues to offer SkillSoft 8.0 Online Training for the Villanova community. SkillSoft 8.0 is your 24x7 online training solution to learning resources for IT skills improvement, professional development, performance support, and more. Search or browse the course catalogs or videos to find your software training topics. If you don’t have a Skillsoft e-Learning account, please contact the HelpDesk at x97777 or e-mail


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