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Dear Villanova Community:

Welcome to the Spring 2014 issue of UNIT’s Progress Report. This semesterly newsletter is meant to inform you about UNIT Projects, Support and Service Offerings to the University. Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues by contacting:

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As part of Villanova’s IT Security and Information Protection Strategy, the University has invested in, and maintained,  a “layered” security architecture, putting in place solutions such as firewalls, SPAM and virus filtration,  data protection, and IT security policies. While these hardware, software, and policy controls protect the University’s diverse computing resources, UNIT understands the need to address the often over-looked “human” element.

For the Fall Semester of 2014, UNIT will launch a two-year program, to help protect the University, with a security awareness program that will provide awareness, training, and policies for students, faculty, and staff.  UNIT’s goal is for students, faculty, and staff to understand the risks in using today’s technology, and how to effectively defend against today’s cyber threats, both at work and at home.   The security awareness program is designed to ensure that University students, faculty, and staff are aware that they may be targets. It intends to motivate and change behavior by teaching how to use technology securely; and, ensures that Villanova remains compliant, in the face of security challenges, such as mobility (data on mobile devices,) BYOD, rapidly changing technologies, cloud computing, social media, increasingly more sophisticated “cyber” attacks, and intellectual property.

By teaching students, faculty, and staff the indicators of compromise, and how to report incidents, Villanova goes beyond just prevention, and begins to create a far more proactive and resilient organization relative to IT security and information protection.

As UNIT’s security awareness initiative develops, University students, faculty, and staff will be offered access to a variety of information security awareness materials, including on-line video training and tutorials. Stay tuned to this exciting new IT security initiative.

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The UNIT & University Communication website development team is pleased to announce that the next-generation Villanova University website ( launched Jan. 15.  To address the increasing trend of websites on mobile devices (phones & tablets), the Villanova website now features responsive design technology, which directs to automatically configure to the different screen sizes of desktops, tablets and smartphones, while providing an optimal user experience on each device. 

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In partnership, Enrollment Management and UNIT successfully implemented the Scrip-Safe system for campus usage.  Scrip-Safe allows Villanova students 24/7/365 access to order their transcripts through a secure web-site at In addition to providing the traditional paper transcript, a secure electronic alternative is now available to students who have attended since 1984 (or 1999 in the case of Continuing Studies).  As students in the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing studies community continue to apply for jobs, advanced degrees, and admissions to various other opportunities, Villanova is proud to add this on-demand service to our growing portfolio of solutions.

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UNIT has released an upgrade to the Personal Homepage website environment. UNIT with this new website environment will be sun-setting FrontPage Extensions and will be making available MS Expressions Web as a web editing tool for user homepages. The reason for this upgrade is to provide users with a more reliable environment to connect and edit homepages. For more information on this upgrade, please visit HERE.

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UNIT has installed a new version of Nolij Transfer, Version 6.2.  The upgraded tool allows automation of data uploads into Banner and documents into Nolij Web. The first project that utilized the new version of Nolij Transfer was our integration of Intelliworks and Banner. Another project that was converted to Nolij Transfer 6 was the Common Application processing.  In an automated process, the applications are read in and pushed into Banner and the documents are moved into Nolij Web. By keeping Nolij Transfer at current releases, the departments across the University are able to take advantage of time saving efficiencies, along with increased interoperability with the Nolij Web product. 

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UNIT has updated and created content to communicate our services towards the Prospective, Incoming, and Enrolled student population.  You may find the information here.

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vDesktop is UNIT's virtual desktop solution that delivers a Windows 7 Desktop with a suite of applications designed to meet student and faculty academic application needs. Faculty and Students are encouraged to login with Villanova username and password and explore everything from Office to SPSS, Maple, Endnote, MS Project, Fathom, Minitab, SigmaPlot, Matematica, and more!

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UNIT’s TechZone Lab @ Tolentine recently was redesigned to deliver an environment for collaboration and individual learning.  UNIT has provided over 60 machines including iMacs and vDesktop (UNIT’s Virtualized Desktop Solution) with access to Printing, Email, Blackboard, Office, SPSS, and other web based applications.  The enhancements were made to Tolentine B2 and B4 and is open to all members of the student body via Wildcard swipe 24/7/365.  

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Faculty can now record video & audio lectures directly from their laptop and quickly share these recordings with their students.  Using their laptop’s built-in camera and microphone, faculty can create rich multimedia recordings.  The Mediasite Desktop Recorder allows you to record your voice, video, and whatever you are displaying on your computer screen.  Recordings can then quickly and easily shared with your students by simply sending them a weblink (via email, Blackboard, etc).  If you are interested in learning more about the desktop recorder please contact the Instructional Technologies group.

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In the Bartley Technology Center and Driscoll 221, you can now wirelessly connect your laptop to the projector.  You will no longer need to plug in a VGA cable into your laptop or worry about bringing the right adapters.  You'll simply connect to the projector over a wireless connection, and your laptop will automatically display on the projector.  This gives you the freedom to take your laptop anywhere in the room and display it on the projector. Your laptop doesn't need to be physically on the podium. You can also display documents and pictures from Apple & Android mobile devices on the projector

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Respondus, a Villanova eLearning partner, has added remote proctoring capability to their suite of services. Respondus Monitor, a companion program to the Respondus Lockdown Browser, further discourages students from cheating. Respondus Monitor records the student (via their webcam) and the surrounding environment during the quiz or exam.  Instructors can quickly view details of the assessment and even watch the recorded videos.  Leveraging the existing features of the Lockdown Browser which already prevents students from accessing other internet resources, copy/pasting or printing the assessment, and locks the students into the exam until it is submitted for grading. The Respondus products are integrated into Blackboard, Respondus Monitor adds an essential layer of security to non-proctored assessments. For more information please contact Instructional Technologies. 


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