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Dear Villanova Community:

Welcome to the Summer 2014 issue of UNIT’s Progress Report. This newsletter is meant to inform you about UNIT Projects, Support and Service Offerings to the University. Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues by contacting:

PC Refresh 2015 Back to top

PC Refresh 2015 Back to top

In support of University and Academic strategies, UNIT is pleased to inform you the University has decided to continue the planned hardware and software PC Refresh program for summer 2015. 

The University recognizes the importance of keeping our technology current and the program will once again focus on all full time faculty and staff computers. Beginning June 2015, all primary laptops and desktops will be replaced with a new computer and an upgraded software suite. The total number of computers to be replaced is about 1600. 

A website will be available during the fall semester that explains the process to the University, including detailed schedule, computer specification and selection process, and other important PC Refresh information.

The project can only be successful with the cooperation of everyone involved.

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As part of Villanova’s IT Security and Information Protection Strategy, the University has invested in, and maintained,  a “layered” security architecture, putting in place solutions such as firewalls, SPAM and virus filtration,  data protection, and IT security policies. While these hardware, software, and policy controls protect the University’s diverse computing resources, UNIT understands the need to address the often over-looked “human” element.

UNIT takes protecting Villanova University, its intellectual property, and any personal or confidential information extremely seriously. People, just like computers, store, process and transfer highly valuable information. Yet people often remain unsecure, as little has been done to educate them with respect to information security. As a result, cyber attackers are actively targeting the human element. UNIT understands that unless the University addresses the human issue, technology alone cannot secure the organization.

UNIT will launch a continuous program, to help inform and protect the University, with a security awareness program that will provide awareness, training, and policies for faculty, staff and students.  UNIT’s goal is for the community to understand the risks in using today’s technology, and how to effectively defend against today’s cyber threats, both at work and at home.  

The security awareness program is designed to ensure that University faculty, staff and student are aware that they may be targets. It intends to motivate and change behavior by teaching how to use technology securely; and, ensures that Villanova remains compliant, in the face of security challenges, such as mobility (data on mobile devices), BYOD, rapidly changing technologies, cloud computing, social media and increasingly more sophisticated “cyber” attacks.

By teaching students, faculty, and staff the indicators of compromise, and how to report incidents, Villanova goes beyond just prevention, and begins to create a far more proactive and resilient organization relative to IT security and information protection.

As UNIT’s security awareness initiative develops, university faculty, staff and students will be offered access to a variety of information security awareness materials, including on-line video training and tutorials. Stay tuned for more information regarding the IT security initiative.

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The UNIT & the Office of University Communication website development team is pleased to announce that the next-generation Villanova University website ( launched January 2014 to address the increasing trend of websites on mobile devices (phones & tablets), the Villanova website now features responsive design technology, which directs to automatically configure to the different screen sizes of desktops, tablets and smartphones, while providing an optimal user experience on each device. 

Classroom Technology Upgrades Back to top

UNIT’s Classroom Technologies team announces the following classroom, lab and meeting space upgrades for the summer of 2014, projects include:

  • Technology Services Room 110 – Phase 1 complete on new wireless collaboration space featuring 3 large displays and 1 adjustable annotation display. Phase 2 will tie rooms 110, Chapel and 201 into a centralized system for meeting capture, audio and video conferencing.
  • CEER 104 – New all wireless collaboration AV space scheduled to go online Fall 2014.
  • CEER 001 – Renovated classroom with new AV system featuring wireless connectivity, dual projectors and lecture capture capability.
  • Standard classrooms throughout campus are being upgraded with new widescreen projectors, screens, and wired for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
  • Mendel 101 and 102 - Recently received facilities renovations that enhance our newly upgraded AV system and lecture capture system.
  • Law School Classrooms – Are being upgraded for BYOD and digital AV
  • Preparing for AV installations in the following locations: Mendel, Falvey 415, Garey 29 & 30 and Bartley 2046
  • Digital Signage monitors and components throughout campus have been replaced and upgraded to support digital format.

Summer CIT Update/Adobe Connect Back to top


Summer is here and Center for Instructional Technologies (CIT) staff are busy working with faculty to support the summer online programs.  Each summer approximately 70 Villanova courses are offered fully online, many more utilize teaching and learning technologies in a hybrid format.  Online collaboration via Adobe Connect continues to be a popular service, particularly during the summer.  If interested in using Adobe Connect for web conferencing or learning how to better structure online course materials to match your learning objectives, visit our redesigned website at for more information.  Contact information for each colleges’ instructional designer is available for faculty appointment as well as training materials and workshop information. 

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SkillSoft 8.0 Online Training Back to top

UNIT recently upgraded to SkillSoft 8.0 Online Training for the Villanova community. SkillSoft 8.0 is your 24x7 online training solution to learning resources for IT skills improvement, professional development, performance support, and more. Search or browse the course catalogs or videos to find your software training topics. If you don’t have a Skillsoft e-Learning account, please contact the HelpDesk at 9-7777 or e-mail

vDesktop (Virtual Desktops) Back to top


vDesktop is UNIT's virtual desktop solution that delivers a Windows 7 Desktop with a suite of applications designed to meet student and faculty academic application needs. Faculty and Students are encouraged to login with Villanova username and password and explore everything from Office to SPSS, Maple, Endnote, MS Project, Fathom, Minitab, SigmaPlot and more!

Gartner Research Online Services Available Back to top

UNIT subscribes to Gartner Research Online to enable the University to stay connected to the most current and accurate news, research, and popular trends in the IT industry.  Visit Gartner Research Online for timely, insightful, and popular news and research available and relevant to your role, business area, and IT interests at the University.  Please sign-in with your University username and password.

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Spring 2014 University Staff Council Work Process Improvement Award – eSCRIP-SAFE Back to top

UNIT proudly acknowledges the accomplishments of its staff, Susan Hill, John Brzezicki and Christopher Washburn, along with Melissa Gerding from the Registrar’s Office, who were the winners of the Spring 2014 University Staff Council  Work Process Improvement Award.  

The team won the award for the successful implementation of the eSCRIP-SAFE transcript ordering and electronic transcript processing system.  Using an innovative approach, the transcript ordering and transcript delivery processes have been automated and streamlined.

The success of the project was in part due to collaboration and joint team cooperation between UNIT and Enrollment Management resulting in the delivery of high quality services to our student community.  The project enhances the quality service to our constituents and has produced cost savings to the University.

Above and Beyond Award Winner – Ann McCabe UNIT Back to top


UNIT would like to congratulate Ann McCabe as a winner of the Spring 2014 Above and Beyond award. As Manager of Telecommunication for Unit, Ann is recognized as a dedicated staff member who frequently goes above and beyond her normal job duties. Congratulations Ann!

New UNIT Employees Back to top

In the past year UNIT has welcomed the following employees to the UNIT Team:
Shaden Ahmadi-Naini - Business Intelligence Analyst
Sarah Becker - Multimedia Specialist in Multimedia Technologies
Daniel DeVos - Content Management Analyst
Jason Egner - Multimedia Specialist - Video Production Group
Mike Gallo - Multimedia Specialist in Multimedia Technologies
Crispin May - Multimedia Specialist in Multimedia Technologies
Peter Palladino - Enterprise Project Manager
John Powell - Desktop Management Administrator
Kathleen Waite - Enterprise Project Manager
Jennifer Windau - Desktop Management Administrator


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