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Dear Villanova Community:  
Welcome to the Fall 2016 issue of UNIT's Progress Report. This newsletter is meant to inform you about UNIT Projects, Support and Service Offerings to the University. Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues by contacting:

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October 1, 2016 marks the start of the 13th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month and will highlight the overall message of STOP. THINK. CONNECT. 

During the Month of October, please be aware of NCSAM 2016 material announced via Villanova's digital signage, social media (Twitter and Facebook), UNIT's monthly marketing and communication campaign, and Campus Currents.

For more information, visit National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2016, at:

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In coordination with National Cyber Security Awareness Month, UNIT continues to promote the required Security Awareness Program via Blackboard (learn@NOVA).

Avoiding a disruption to campus operations and safeguarding personal information, confidential data and intellectual property are paramount to protecting Villanova.

As part of the IT Security Awareness Program, UNIT has made available videos to assist in elevating the Villanova Community's Security Awareness. You may access these videos in the Blackboard portal, by these easy steps:

1.       Go to

2.       Log in using your University username and password.

3.       Click on IT Security Awareness Program under My Organization on the right-side of the page.

For additional information:


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NOVA ALERT Upgrade Back to top

UNIT and Public Safety have worked together to upgrade and enhance the Nova Alert system for the Villanova community.  During Nova Alert's original implementation in 2007, users were required to sign up through a dedicated website. In 2012, this process was improved, allowing users to easily sign up through MyNova.

The upgrades that were made to the Nova Alert system include more robust options for message delivery, including: 

The system will call a contact phone number and leave a message 

  • The system will send to two text or SMS phone numbers
  • You may enter up to six (VOICE) phone numbers for messages
  •  You may enter up to two email addresses to receive messages
  • Faculty and Staff extensions will be added automatically if you register for the service

The migration of Nova Alert users to the new system will occur automatically for those who signed up through MyNova. However, if you were an early subscriber to Nova Alert and did not subsequently sign up through MyNova, you will need to go through the sign up process now in MyNova to receive alerts.  Please visit our NovaAlert page for more information about Nova Alert.  

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UNIT's Instructional Technology team working in collaboration with the Human Resources department have developed the online training technology learn@NOVA utilizing UNIT's Blackboard learning management system. Human Resources is using the technology as an improved way to deliver training in the following areas; Workplace Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention, New Employee Orientation/Training and Supervisor Training.

With the success of learn@NOVA technology, UNIT's Instructional Technology team is now working with the Villanova School of Business, the College of Nursing and the College of Engineering to develop content for academic endeavors, delivered utilizing interactive video technology. 

Microsoft Outlook Online for Faculty/Staff Back to top


As part of Villanova's Office 365 service offering, faculty and staff email will migrate to Outlook/Exchange Online. Exchange Online is Microsoft's cloud-based email and calendaring application included with the Office 365 suite and available at  Features include:  

  • Email and shared calendaring with 50GB of storage space.
  • Message size up to 150MB
  • Improved Outlook Web Access provides anywhere access to email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers and across devices.
  • Global address list including name, department and phone information for all faculty and staff.
  • Email contact data for all people, resources and lists in Exchange Online environment.
  • Accommodates multiple personal calendars and group calendars.
  • Built-in virus scanner.
  • Custom configuration abilities.

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Launching in October 2016---Villanova's DropBox for Education Back to top


DropBox for Education is one place for all your data that is accessible from, computers, or phone. The cloud-based storage for documents, videos, and pictures is now available to Villanova Employees as an opt-in service. 

Located at:
Available to:  Villanova Faculty and Staff

Dropbox Features:

  • Convenient and secure access to data via Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and mobile using any web browser or apps
  • Ability to collaborate and share content with non-Villanova users
  • Collaboration tools
  • Minimum of 15GB of Storage 

How do I sign up?

Fill out the Dropbox Account Request Form.

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The Student Campus Print Program (VPrint) has been upgraded to a Pharos based print system. This upgrade consolidates multiple print services and provides students with mobile printing capabilities. Students can now send their print jobs to VPrint and pick them up from any of the multiple VPrint Stations.

VPrint Stations are located throughout campus at: Tolentine Lower Level Lab, Falvey Library, Donohue Hall (South Campus Dinning Hall), St. Mary's Lounge, Driscoll Hall 207 and Bartley Print Center, CEER 104, CEER lower level and Connelly Cyber Lounge.

Further information on VPrint can be found here.

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UNIT continues to offer SkillSoft Online Training for the Villanova community. SkillSoft is your 24x7 online training solution to learning resources for IT skills improvement, professional development, performance support, and more. Search or browse the course catalogs or videos to find your software training topics. If you don't have a Skillsoft e-Learning account, please contact the HelpDesk at 9-7777 or e-mail

More info here.

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As part of UNIT's lab and print area upgrades multiple Mobile Device Charging Stand and Charging Hubs have been installed in lab and VPrint locations in selected areas on campus.

With a convenient ledge for charging phones and tablet devices the Mobile Device Charging Stand each come with 8 charging connectors (3 Apple Lightning, 1 Apple 30-Pin, 3 Micro USB, 1 USB Type-C) to fit all mobile charging needs. And features commercial grade charging connectors with adaptive fast charging technology. These devices are located in Falvey, Connelly, Vasey and Donahue Halls to assist with Campus Mobile Charging needs.


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