Nova Alert

NOVA Alert delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates to any mobile device or email you choose to register. When an incident or emergency occurs, authorized senders will notify you using NOVA Alert.

Sign Up for NovaAlert

To sign up or change your options:


Current Faculty, Staff, or Students

1.       Go to MyNova and login

2.       Go to Novasis

3.       Click Personal Information

4.       Click on Nova Alert & Cell Phone Information

5.       Enter your information

6.       Your Villanova email and the cell phone information will be entered into the Nova Alert system



Students need to add additional devices for Parents wishing to receive Nova Alerts

1.       In the Nova Alert – Sign-Up  section, Click Add An Alert Device and Email.

2.       Add additional devices as needed.     

Crisis Response

For more information about the University's Crisis Response Procedures, please visit