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Unit manages all data, voice, wireless, network security, and cable TV services; along with the Wildcard access infrastructure on campus. Specific services include:

There are several features available on the Avaya phone system that will improve employee productivity and make you easier to be reached. 

  • Call Me enables your voice mailbox to call you at designated telephone numbers when you receive messages that meet certain criteria. When you receive a Call Me call, the system invites you to log on to your mailbox in order to review the message.
  • Dial By Voice eliminates the need to look up phone numbers in the on-line directory by letting the user simply speak the name of the person he or she wishes to call.
  • Find Me enables your mailbox to redirect unanswered calls to a list of telephone numbers. Your mailbox directs the calls in turn to each telephone number in the list, unless you answer. If you do not answer at any number in the list, the system asks the caller if the caller wants to leave a message.
  • Meet Me Conferencing allows you to improve collaboration by easily setting up conference calls. Participants dial into a pre-established number for conference calls at a specified time and the service connects all callers together, reducing the need for third party conferencing services.
  • Notify Me notifies you when callers leave messages in your mailbox. This notification message includes information that you can specify, such as the caller telephone number, caller name, message priority, and time, date, and length of the message.

Set Up Voicemail

Press Button labeled VOICEMAIL or dial 96000 or press the button labeled MESSAGE.

If you are checking Voicemail from your own phone:
(you will now hear your name)
You will be prompted to enter your password, the DEFAULT password to set up your mailbox is 1#. You use this password to set up your mailbox the first time you dial in. You will now be prompted to set up your mailbox.

  1. Pick a password (passwords may not start with 0, should not be all consecutive or be all of one number. You will be prompted to enter this number twice.
  2. Record your name.
  3. Record a personal greeting. You will be prompted to record a personal greeting that callers will hear when they reach your voicemail.

After you have recorded your personal greeting, you will be given hints on using the Voicemail system. Your mailbox is now set-up.

Voicemail Helpful Hints

First dial into your voicemail system, then you may do any of the following:

To re-record your name at any time: Press 4 1 6 2

To change your password at any time: Press 4 9
(You will have to change your password on a regular basis)

To change your personal greeting: Press 4 1 1 2 (1 to approve) You may change your personal greeting at anytime by following the above instructions.

Set Up Vacation or Out of Office Message

To record a vacation or out of office message press: 4 1 2 (then 1 to approve)
You can record a vacation or out of office message when you are going to be away from your office for any length of time. When you return, you will be prompted to cancel or keep the greeting.

You may record 2 optional greetings:

  1. Press: 4 1 3 (# to stop recording, 1 to approve)
  2. Press: 4 1 4 (# to stop recording, 1 to approve)

To activate either option, 1 or 2:

  • Activate optional greeting #1: Press 4 3 2 1
  • Activate optional greeting #2: Press 4 3 2 2

These greetings will now play to callers when you do not answer your phone. You may also use these greetings to distinguish between Busy and No Answer greetings.

To use greetings:

  • Record optional greeting #1 as a No Answer: 4 1 3
  • Record optional greeting #2 as a Busy on the Phone: 4 1 4

Now you must activate your greetings for the callers:

To activate No Answer:

  • Press 4 (personal configuration)
  • Press 3 (Call-Handling)
  • Press 2 (choose which optional greeting to activate)
  • Press 1 (Activate No Answer)

To activate Busy:

  • Press 4 (personal configuration)
  • Press 3 (Call-Handling)
  • Press 3 (choose which optional greeting to activate)
  • Press 2 (Activate Busy)

To check messages:

  • From your own desk: Press the Voicemail button, Message button, or dial 96000 then enter your password followed by #.
  • From a co-worker's desk: Press Voicemail button, Message button, or dial 96000, when the system answers, press * # then your extension then enter your password followed by #.
  • Outside the office: Dial your own work number, when your voicemail answers, press * * (star, star), then enter your password followed by #.

After you have dialed in:

  • Press 1 1 to get messages
  • Press 2 to send messages to other users on your system
  • Press 4 to change greetings, re-record name, or change password

After listening to your messages, you will be prompted to do one of the following:

  • Press 7 to DELETE (Quick Delete 3 3 7)
  • Press 9 to SAVE (Quick Save 3 3 9)
  • Press 6 to FORWARD (Quick Forward 3 3 6)
  • Press 8 to REPLY (Quick Reply 3 3 8)

Shortcuts While Listening To A Message

  • 1....Rewind 5 seconds
  • 4....Slow message speed
  • 7....Make message softer
  • 5....Date, Time information
  • 3....Fast Forward 5 seconds
  • 6....Speed up message speed
  • 9....Make message louder
  • 0....Reset speed
  • Press 1 1 quickly to rewind message to start.
  • Press 3 3 quickly to get to the end of message quickly.

Forward Calls to Another Number

To temporarily redirect all calls to an extension or outside number:

  • Press * 0 2
  • Dial extension or number where calls will be sent
  • Hang up.

To cancel call forwarding:

  • Press # 0 2

Send all calls:

To send all calls immediately to coverage:

  • Press * 2 2

To cancel send all calls:

  • Press # 2 2

Avaya 9608G IP Telephone

  • The Avaya 9608 IP phone is a full-featured Gigabit IP desk phone that provides 24 programmable line and feature buttons.
  • Quick Reference

Avaya 2402 Digital Telephone

  • The 2402 is a two-line digital telephone for use with an Avaya call processing system.
  • Quick Reference

Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone

  • The 2420 Digital Telephone is a multiline digital telephone for use with an Avaya call processing system. The 2420 telephone puts convenient features and capabilities at your fingertips, including:
    • an easy to read screen
    • a flexible call appearance button display
    • customizable interface
  • Quick Reference

Avaya 4602 IP Telephone

  • The 4602 IP Telephone has two Line (Call Appearance) buttons, ten dedicated. Feature buttons, a 2-line by 24 character display area, and a one-way, listen-only Speaker.
  • Quick Reference

Avaya 4621 IP Telephone

  • The 4620/4620SW/4621SW IP Telephone is an innovative telephone that gives you access to the World Wide Web while offering the latest features and applications. The large display area allows up to 12 application-specific buttons to be presented and labeled at one time. Additionally, 12 Line/Feature buttons, 4 softkeys, and other fixed buttons provide access to powerful capabilities.
  • Quick Reference

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