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Exchange Online

Exchange Online is Microsoft's cloud-based email and calendaring application included with the Office 365 suite. Email will be migrated from the on premises Exchange environment to Villanova‚Äôs Exchange Online environment. 

Use of Exchange Online gives you the capabilities to connect with the people, information, and the tools you need to get more done together. Office 365 groups allows you to simplify and enhance collaboration. Focused inbox matches how you work by focusing on the most relevant and important messages so that you can and get more done, faster.

Instructions for Reconfiguring Post Email Migration:



When transitioning over to Exchange online on your Apple devices, you will have to remove and re-add your account.

Instructions: Adding Email to iPhone\iPad

Instructions: Ipad Outlook App Transition

Outlook Client

For Outlook, you will be prompted for your credentials. The main difference is to use when logging in. The same is true for Outlook 2013.

Instructions: Outlook 2016 Transition

On Outlook for Mac, removing and re-adding the account will be the easiest solution.

Instructions: Outlook 2011 Mac



On your Mail app for Android, you may see that you need to reenter your password or your mailbox has not synced recently. The following will help to change those settings.

Instructions: Android Transition

If you need to re-add your account, the following documents are instructions for the Android Mail and Outlook app.

Instructions: Adding Email to Android

Instructions: Adding Outlook to Android



With Exchange Online, creating a new meeting will look a little different.

Instructions: Creating Meeting OWA

Instructions: 2011 Mac Calendar

Instructions: Outlook 2016 Calendar Request

Instructions: Outlook App Android Calendar



Clutter is a new feature to Exchange online. This is a new folder in your Outlook.

Instructions: Clutter

For any assistance on migration, please contact the Help Desk at 610-519-7777 or at


Please Note: While the services Office 365 offers can be beneficial for storage of work-related documents, storage of protected and sensitive data in Office 365 is not permitted. All users, particularly faculty and staff, should visit this site for information on the Villanova Cloud Storage Policy.


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