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First Time Users

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about PhotoShelter for Brands if you are new to this tool and would like to learn on your own.

We are always happy to set up a phone call or meeting to walk you through getting started or helpful tips. Just send us a note!


Great news, you don't have to! Faculty and staff have view access to PhotoShelter for Brands via Villanova's single sign-on here.

You may also reference Libris' article about Single Sign On.

If you're having issues logging in, send us a message at and we'll see how we can help.

You can browse to find the files you are looking for by clicking Galleries in the top navigation (and then, use the left navigation to travel up and down through nested levels or galleries), or use the Search function to look for a specific image.

You will notice Invited Galleries and Events-Purchase only galleries. Faculty and staff should not use the Events gallery to search for imagery, as it is set up only for commerce. You will not be able to receive digital files from this gallery. The Invited Galleries include everything that is in the Events gallery.



Faculty and staff are able to view all stock imagery, but only members of the communications teams and approved vendors have access to download without submitting an image request. Please see below for the image request process.

Image requests can be submitted through lightboxes.

Share the lightbox with the communications director for your department or college for approval, as they manage the brand for your area.

The Communications Director will reject* any images that are not acceptable for your college/department, and then share the lightbox with the photo team using the “Photographer/Image Owner” dropdown in the share dialogue as outlined at the link above. In the comments, they should include who will receive the batch dowload link.

*If the lightbox is a collaborative workspace, and contains more images than what you need downloaded, please ensure that youhave clicked the red X below the image to “reject” any images that are not needed.


Students have access to the Events - Purchase Only galleries (Commencement) to purchase prints for personal use. They do not have access to our stock imagery for personal use or academic projects.


Terms of Use

Villanova University maintains full copyright control of photos, including rights to any images taken during assignment shoots booked through University Communication and Marketing. Images may not be copied, reproduced or used without permission by the University Communication and Marketing Department.

When provided with an image from University Communication and Marketing, you are given rights to the use of the image for an agreed upon purpose. No copyright permission is transferred and permission is not implied for future use.

You may not sell or distribute images provided by University Communication and Marketing or use the image in any way that could be considered defamatory, libelous, obscene, immoral or fraudulent to Villanova University or the Augustinian Order.

University Copyright Policy