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Villanova University owns the copyright to all images available in Libris by PhotoShelter. University Communication and Marketing is responsible for protecting the reputation of the University and ensuring that images are used appropriately, and that we are protecting the privacy of our students and faculty.


Please see the First Time Users page for submitting an image request with a lightbox, but please follow it up with a phone call to us at: 610-519-4321. If we are busy retouching or shooting, we may not see email right away.


If you are faculty or staff, this means you are not logged in. Log-in using the University Single Sign-on, and then click on the Invited Galleries

If you are a student, you will not have access to anything but Commencement.

If you are an approved vendor, ensure you are logged in as above. If you are logged in and still cannot see any galleries, please check with your Project Manager to see if your access has expired.


University Communication and Marketing manages current stock photography dating back 4 fiscal years. Imagery older than that resides with the University Archivist.


Images in PhotoShelter are for use in University Marketing materials, website and approved social media outlets. Personal use of these images is typically not allowed. Some professional usages may be allowed with a signed usage agreement. Please use the process for image requests above, and include the usage information.


There are limited approved usages for outside partners, and they require a usage agreement created through Marketing. Please contact Photography for more information.


It is possible that the image you are looking for is older than 4 years, it was not captured through our office, or it is no longer approved for use.


Terms of Use

Villanova University maintains full copyright control of photos, including rights to any images taken during assignment shoots booked through University Communication and Marketing. Images may not be copied, reproduced or used without permission by the University Communication and Marketing Department.

When provided with an image from University Communication and Marketing, you are given rights to the use of the image for an agreed upon purpose. No copyright permission is transferred and permission is not implied for future use.

You may not sell or distribute images provided by University Communication and Marketing or use the image in any way that could be considered defamatory, libelous, obscene, immoral or fraudulent to Villanova University or the Augustinian Order.

University Copyright Policy