President's Environmental Sustainability Committee

The President’s Environmental Sustainability Committee was formed in 2009 to support President Donohue’s signing the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. The committee helps coordinate, support, advance, and track sustainable practices and policies on campus. Members of the committee are made up of a mixture of faculty, staff and students from the five colleges.

Liesel Schwarz, Committee Chair, Sustainability Manager


Jonathan Doh, Villanova School of Business
Steven Goldsmith, College of Liberal Arts & Science
Keith Henderson, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Bill Lorenz, College of Engineering
Ruth McDermott-Levy, College of Nursing
Seri Park, College of Engineering
Lisa Rodrigues, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Paul Rosier, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Robert Traver, College of Engineering
Nathaniel Weston, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ann Scheve, College of Nursing


Zachary Chizar, Media Relations
Brenda Grove, Director of College Outreach
Patrick Higgins, University Procurement
Richard Laudenslager, University Recycling Coordinator
Alice Lenthe, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Victoria Minerva, College of Engineering
Michelle Moss, University Dining Services
Cheryl Morris, Communications Associate for Advancement
Shawn Proctor, Office of University Communications and Marketing
Jared Rudy, Superintendent of Grounds
William Stehl, Center for Peace and Justice
Joseph Ungaro, University Facilities Management

A report of the Committee’s past years progress is presented to the President and Villanova community every year on Earth Day. Past reports can be found on the Reports page.


Working Groups

In an effort to better address all aspects of sustainability, the President’s Environmental Sustainability Committee has seven working groups focused on different campus sustainability efforts. These working groups include: Academics and Student Life, Communication, Earth Day, Green Labs, Operation & Energy Use, Students, Transportation, and Waste Minimization and Recycling.

If you are interested in joining a working group please email Liesel Schwarz

Academics and Student Life

Dedicated to:

  • Making climate change and environmental sustainability an integral part of the curriculum and educational experience for all students.
  • Developing interdisciplinary and cross-college courses and seminar series for the Villanova Community.
  • Continuing to develop and promote “green dorms” and environmental learning communities on campus.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary environmental research on campus, explore the possibility of adding a segment to orientation in the fall, and coordinate activities among student environmental groups.

Keith Henderson, Co-Chair, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty
Victoria Minerva, Co-Chair, College of Engineering, Staff
Chara Armon, College of Liberal Arts & Science, Faculty
Bob Curry, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty
Sonali Joshi, College of Engineering, Staff
Paul Rosier, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty
William Stehl, Center for Peace and Justice, Staff
Andrea Welker, College of Engineering, Faculty

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Work to communicate Villanova’s efforts in promoting sustainability both on- and off-campus, and to reinforce the message that Villanova is committed to fulfilling the Presidents’ Climate Commitment.

Zachary Chizar, Co-Chair, Media Relations Specialist
Cheryl Morris, Co-Chair, Communications Associate for Advancement
Shawn Proctor, Co-Chair, Communications, Staff

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Earth Day

Focused on planning Earth Day activities, including:

  • Selecting and inviting Earth Day speaker.
  • Developing other events for the day (such as the Farmers’ Market).
  • Helping coordinate student involvement on Earth Day (including student posters).
  • Obtaining funding.

Nat Weston, Chair, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty
Michelle Moss, Dining Services, Staff
Ric Laudenslager, University Recycling, Staff
Chara Armon, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty
Lisa Rodrigues, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty
Mary Grace Salamone, Environmental Safety, Staff
Brenda Grove, College Outreach, Staff
Shawn Proctor, Communications, Staff

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Green Labs

In an effort to improve sustainability efforts in Villanova laboratories this working group will develop and operate a green labs certification system. Green labs will look to improved a labs:

  • Waste
  • Water use
  • Equipment use and efficiency
  • Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Energy efficiency
  • Engagement

Alice Lenthe, Chair, Director of Environment, Health & Safety
Antoinette Donovan, Facilities Manager, College of Liberal Arts and Science
Marta Guron, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Eric Welsh, Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
Lindsay Bair, Stockroom Manager, Biology

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Operations and Energy Use

Dedicated to the reduction of energy usage and to set realistic goals based on the 2009 baseline. These goals include:

  • Reducing energy use through conservation and adopting monitoring systems and more efficient utility systems.
  • Exploring ways to: provide incentives for better energy performance, retrofit existing buildings, and purchase renewable energy.
  • Developing and implementing ways to promote sustainable choices for students, staff and faculty outside of the classroom. (e.g. light bulb exchange, reducing “phantom energy” use throughout campus).
  • Exploring ways to take advantage of incentives offered by PECO.

Mary McRae, Chair, College of Engineering, PhD Canidate
Bill Lorenz, College of Engineering, Faculty
Students in the Sustainable Engineering Masters Program

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Primary goal is to develop individual and group student-led projects to help promote sustainability on campus. Applications for PESC Student Group will be available in March 2014. For more information please contact Steven Goldsmith.

Meghan McMahon, Co-Chair, Environmental Science
Kate Fisher, Co-Chair, Environmental Science
Claire Faddis, Communications Co-Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Colleen Sharp, Communications Co-Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cynthia Jones, Secretary Co-Chair, Nursing
Gina Talamo, Secretary Co-Chair, Environmental Science and Geography
Andrew Hungerbuhler, Communications
Britton Copley, Mechanical Engineering
Chaeyeon Lee, Business
Christopher Israel, Electrical Engineering
Elizabeth Swett, Communications
Gabriella Giordano, Environmental Science
Jordan McDonald, Environmental Science and Humanities
Joseph Asprea, Political Science
Katrina Garzon, Nursing
Kyra Schell, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lindsay Dyrvik, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maeve Kavanagh, Management Information Systems and International Business
Sarah Settlecowski, Chemical Engineering
Victoria Adams, Masters in Environmental Science

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Identify ways to promote:

  • A quality pedestrian campus environment by improving both bicycle and pedestrian transportation.
  • Use of public transportation for commuting such as, investigating possible subsidies/partnerships through SEPTA.
  • Safe, efficient local transportation services for the University community.
  • Greater fuel efficiency of Villanova vehicle fleet.
  • Use of World Travel to monitor travel by members of the campus community.

Seri Park, Chair, College of Engineering, Faculty
Brenda Grove, College Outreach, Staff
Linda Lindley, Public Safety, Staff
Lisa Rodrigues, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty

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Waste Minimization and Recycling

Primary goals are to:

  • Identify all areas on campus that generate solid waste, categorize the various types of waste, and track the volume of this waste year to year.
  • Make recommendations and suggestions to PESC regarding programs and practices that will reduce, divert, or eliminate solid waste on campus.
  • Implement and coordinate adopted sustainability practices and processes associated with waste minimization and recycling.
  • Educate the campus on ways to minimize waste and ways to recycle.
  • Benchmark and set targets on minimizing waste and recycling.

Richard Laudenslager, Co-Chair, University Recycling, Staff
Michelle Moss, Co-Chair, Dining Services, Staff
Brian Murray, Athletics, Staff
Antoinette Donovan, Building Manager for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Staff
Henry Heincer, UNIT, Staff
James Lamb, Custodial Services, Staff
Jim Matthews, Facilities Project Manager, Staff
John Durham, Procurement, Staff
Michael George, Graphic Services, Staff
Nancy Panepinto, Villanova Business School, Staff
Patrick Higgins, Procurement Office, Staff
Tim Dietzler, Dining Services, Staff

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Recycling Advocates

Separate from PESC, the Recycling Advocates are university community members who represent their department and building in helping to promote and improve recycling on campus. Advocates work with the recycling coordinator on many different projects throughout the year to address recycling issues.

For more information regarding the recycling advocates or if you would like to become a recycling advocate, please contact Recyclin' Ric at 610-519-4466 or email.

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Amy Layman
Amy Pearce
Betsy Brown
Bette Mariani
Bob Bratcher
Brenda Grove
Brian Levine
Brighid Dwyer
Brooke Bright
Candice Keith
Cathy Mairs
Chrissy Quisenberry
Christopher Kilby
Cindy May
Daniel Kraut
David Barrett
Donna Shai
Emily Marshall
Helen Tursi
Joan Hawley
Joe Baumgart
Joan Prendergrast
Joe Mariani
Joe O'Pella
John Dunphy
Joyce Minouge
Judy Mulrow

Kathy Byrnes
Keith Henderson
Kirk Simmet
Levi Brautigan
Lyn Roebuck
Margaret Duffy
Mary Kaye Klara
Mary Lou Glenn
Mathew Verghes
Mimi Moran
Nancy Pecora
Pat Mynaugh
Pat Williams
Patty Abdalla
Rebeka Karrant
Rita DiAntonio
Shawn Proctor
Stephen Spatz
Sue Markert
Teri O'Brien
Theresa Wosczyna
William Stehl


Villanova University, as a community of learned and learning scholars, respecting the sacredness of all creation, accepts its responsibility to the integrity of Earth and its biodiversity, to the heritage of future generations, and to the security of nations. By utilizing the Augustinian values of Unitas, Veritas, and Caritas, meaning love thy neighbor, promote community unity, and live life in moderation through our curriculum, work environment, and operations, Villanova’s approach to sustainability exemplifies an emphasis on social justice and community service.

For questions regarding campus sustainability email Liesel Schwarz