Villanova researcher conducting water-related research in Madagascar
Villanovans conduct research for water-related projects in Madagascar as part of a partnership with Catholic Relief Services. Photos: CRS Madagascar/Villanova University

As a Catholic institution, as a university and as human beings, we must come together to take substantive, transformative action to foster the health and prosperity of God’s creation. The responsibility lies with each and every one of us.

In January 2018, University President the Rev. Peter M. Donohue, OSA, PhD, established the Villanova Sustainability Leadership Council (VSLC) to develop a 10-year actionable and measurable plan to guide the University’s comprehensive effort to support the planet and its people and to ensure prosperity for all. Approved in 2020, the Sustainability Plan also underpins the University’s Strategic Plan.

The VSLC helps coordinate, support, advance and track Villanova’s sustainable practices and policies. The council comprises five committees to address sustainability across campus: Academics & Research, Operations, Student Life, Social Justice, and Health & Well-Being. Committees are made up of faculty, staff and students.


  • The Rev. John Abubakar, OSA, PhD, Chair, VSLC; Chief Sustainability Officer; Adjunct Faculty, Theology and Religious Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Joseph Lennon, Co-chair, Academics and Research Committee; Associate Dean, International and Interdisciplinary Initiatives; Emily C. Riley Director of Irish Studies
  • Alfonso Ortega, PhD, Co-chair, Academics & Research Committee; James R. Birle Professor of Energy Technology; Director, Center for Energy-Smart Electronic Systems
  • Robert Morro, PE, Chair, Operations Committee, Vice President for University Facilities Management
  • Kathleen J. Byrnes, JD, Chair, Student Life Committee; Vice President for Student Life
  • The Rev. Kevin DePrinzio, OSA, PhD, Co-chair, Social Justice Committee; Vice President for Mission and Ministry; Adjunct Faculty, Theology and Religious Studies
  • The Rev. John J. Lydon, OSA, PHD, Co-chair Social Justice CommitteeAssociate Director, Center for Faith & Learning
  • Stacy Andes, EdD, Chair, Health & Well-Being Committee; Director, Health Promotion
  • William Lorenz; Director, Sustainable Engineering Program
  • The Rev. Arthur Purcaro, OSA; Assistant Vice President for Mission and Ministry; Adjunct Faculty, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Samantha Chapman, PhD, Professor of Biology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Francis Galgano, Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Keith Henderson, PhD, Associate Professor of Geography and the Environment, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Paul Rosier, PhD, Professor of History; Director, Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Bette Mariani, PhD, RN, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor, College of Nursing
  • Jonathan Doh, PhD, Associate Dean of Research and Global Engagement; Herbert G. Rammrath Endowed Chair in International Business; Co-faculty Director, the Elenore and Robert F. Moran Sr. Center for Global Leadership, Villanova School of Business
  • Todd Aagaard, Professor of Law, Charles Widger School of Law
  • James Peyton Jones, PhD, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Randy Weinstein, PhD, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning; Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Aaron Wemhoff, PhD, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Christine Kelleher Palus, PhD, Dean, College of Professional Studies
  • Raymond Duffy, Vice President for Human Resources and Affirmative Action Officer
  • Dan Griffin, Director of Villanova’s Partnership with Catholic Relief Services
  • Mark Hewlett, Associate General Counsel
  • Neil Horgan, Vice President for Finance and Chief Finance Officer
  • Michael McGuckin, Director of Dining Services
  • Albert Motel, Waste and Recycling Manager
  • Heather Potts, Associate Vice President, Development
  • James Trainer, PhD, Associate Vice President and Executive Director, Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness