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Organic Produce

Organic Produce

Organic produce is not only free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, but the practices of organic farmers are far better for the environment than conventional farming.  Organic farmers take measures to promote healthy live soils and preserve the minerals in their soils through crop rotation and natural fertilization.

Our salad bar in the Belle Air Terrace contains 100% organically grown produce and Chelten House salad dressings. Villanova Dining Services is also taking steps to procure organic produce on a regular basis for our resident dining halls. Starting in January 2017, Donahue, Dougherty, and St. Mary's will offer organic zucchini, yellow squash, and yams.

We also partner with Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Op (LFFC) and The Common Market to provide our customers with a local and organic selection of fruits and vegetables featured in our Resident Dining Halls. In the Fall of 2013, the resident dining halls began highlighting the local items with a recurring event called Local Thursday. By choosing to purchase produce from local sources, we help lessen our carbon footprint due to the reduction in transportation needs.

“Local brings you back into a relationship with the source of your food, with the land, the animals, the plants, the farmers, and with each other.”

- Douglas Gayeton, LOCAL: The New Face of Food and Farming in America

USDA National Organic Program