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Buying Local

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Villanova Dining Services takes pride in the local and sustainable items that we offer on our daily menus.  Buying local when possible is a huge part of sustainability at Villanova.

Buying local is much more than the selection of local produce we offer. We help support local farmers and their communities and purchase sustainable foods so we are able to lower our carbon footprint by reducing travel. 

Standard Local Purchases

  • Mushrooms from Kennett Square, PA
  • Organic Tofu from The Common Market - Fresh Tofu, Inc. in Allentown, PA
  • Working with a network of Farms through The Common Market and Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op
  • Beans from Furmano's in Northumberland, PA
  • Farm Promise antibiotic-free Pork Tenderloin from Hatfield, PA
The Common Market 2018 Impact

There are many benefits of local food production and sourcing

        1. Health Benefits
                • Local foods retain more nutrients
                • Local foods are often preservative-free
                • Can improve food safety; less traveling can mean less chances for food contamination
                • Choosing to eat foods that are in season may also retain more nutrients

        2. Environmental Benefits
                • Preserves small farm land and encourages sustainable agriculture
                • Reduces harmful emissions associated with transportation travel; provides energy conservation
                • Small farms tend to preserve the genetic diversity of the crops they’re growing; promotes biodiversity
                • Some local produce is grown without harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides
                • Using alternative, more natural forms of pesticides, herbicides, and fingicides is better for the soil
                • Well-managed farms conserve fertile soil and clean water in our communities

        3. Economic Benefits
                • Supports local economies and small businesses
                • Creates local job opportunities; strengthening rural economies
                • Costs can be lower at times; without built-in costs for extensive transportation travel

        4. Social Benefits
                • Supports local families and their communities
                • Empowers the person to learn more about who is growing or raising their food
                • Creates food security for local neighborhoods
                • Farmers markets can provide access where some grocery food deserts may exist


Check out our Network of Local Farms and Local Farmers
Butter Valley Harvest in Bally, PA
Cassaday Farms in Monroeville, NJ
Country Hill Produce in Kinzers, PA
Eagle Road Produce in Quarryville, PA
Frecon Farms in Boyertown, PA
Black Horse Farm in Coxsackie, NY
Weavers Orchard in Morgantown, PA