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Aquatics Department at Villanova University

Villanova Pavillion pool

The Aquatics Department currently operates one competition-size swimming pool:

Pavilion Pool

The Pavilion Pool

The Pavilion facility features a 10 lane by 25 yard / 8 lane by 25 meter swimming pool.  It also includes a diving well and facilities for the diving team. The facility is available during recreational swim to anyone with a University issued ID - Students, Faculty, and Staff. Please note that Alumni, and Friends of Villanova access will continue to de discontinued until further notice.

The Pavilion Pool and Locker Rooms features card readers at each entrance. A valid Wildcard will be required to access these areas at all times. Those using the pool must leave their University-issued identification card with the lifeguard prior to swimming and reclaim it when finished utilizing the pool area.

In addition, a new policy has been implemented to manage locker use. Please note the new policy below. The policy affects only staff and faculty. Students may use lockers on a daily basis only. Unauthorized locks will be removed regularly and locker contents discarded. 


  • Faculty & staff may register for a locker and a University-issued lock at the Equipment Room (Villanova ID required).
  • The Equipment Room is open 10 a.m.—5 p.m. (M-F) and is located in the ground floor of the Talley Athletic Center.
  • There is no charge for the University-issued lock or use of the locker. Locks purchased last year (blue face with a V on the dial) are yours to keep.
  • If you forget your University-issued lock combination, please visit the Equipment Room or contact Public Safety after hours at 610.519.6979.
  • Day Lockers are for daily use only. Personal locks must be removed each day. Locks left overnight will be removed by Public Safety.

Please take a moment to read the procedures and policies stated underneath "Pavilion Pool" in the center of this webpage.

  • Wildcards MUST be presented and left with guards during swim time.
  • Diving entries are NOT allowed without lifeguard permission.
  • NO jumping into the pool without lifeguard permission.
  • NO eating, drinking, or smoking on the pool deck. Food and beverages must remain in the bleachers, with the sole exception of water bottles.
  • NO running, roughhousing, or other unsafe behavior allowed on the water deck OR in the water.
  • NO bikes, roller blades, or skateboards; only service animals are allowed.
  • NO one under the age of 18 is allowed in the swimming pool area without an adult present.
  • Each child under 12 in the pool MUST be accompanied by an adult within arms length at all times.
  • NO children in swim diapers are allowed in the pool.
  • Children over the age of 2 are NOT allowed to go into opposite gendered locker rooms.
  • Abusive or profane language will not be tolerated.
  • Showers are required before entering the pool.
  • Recreational swimming is ONLY permitted during the designated times as posted on the board and website.
        Note that at times during the year, lane space may be limited.
  • Proper swim attire must be worn at all times. (No garments that become see-through when wet).
  • Swim equipment, such as kickboards and paddles, will be restricted at the discretion of the lifeguards.
  • Please observe lap swim etiquette. Lifeguards WILL enforce etiquette as necessary.
  • Circle swim should ALWAYS go counterclockwise (always swimming on the right-hand side) when 2 or more swimmers are sharing a lane. Swim around the black lines on the bottom of the pool.
  • Diving boards are NEVER to be used, except for competitive diving team practices.
  • Other pool equipment such as starting blocks, pull up bars, and water polo goals are for varsity athletics ONLY.
  • NO squirt guns or hard balls (tennis balls, etc.) are allowed in the pool facility. All toys are restricted at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  • Lifeguards have TOTAL authority over those using the pool area and may enforce situational rules as needed.
  • Check signs and web site for changes in schedules.
  • Pool personnel are NOT responsible for any personal items brought to the pool.

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Pavilion Pool


Pavilion Pool Schedule and Hours

Fall Semester Recreational Swim Hours:

Start Date: 8/30/21         End Date: 12/10/21

M,W,F 8 AM - 1 PM

Tu, Th 9 AM - 1 PM

*Please note that there will be no Rec Swim on the following dates, and that these dates may be updated throughout the semester:*

9/6/21 (Labor Day)

10/11/21 - 10/15/21 (Fall Break)

11/23/21 - 11/26 (Thanksgiving Break)