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Board of Assistant and Associate Deans (BAAD)

The Board of Associate and Assistant Deans (BAAD) consists of at least one representative each from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing and Professional Studies; the School of Business, and Enrollment Management.

BAAD has three purposes:

  1. to improve the implementation of university policies and practices;
  2. to discuss proposals to change policies and practices; and
  3. give advice on proposals to the Council of Deans.
Name Position
Dr. Craig Wheeland (Chair) Senior Vice Provost for Academics
Dr. Catherine Lovecchio Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program - College of Nursing
Dr. Mary Terhaar Associate Dean, Graduate Program - College of Nursing
Ms. Melinda German Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, School of Business
Mr. Manuel Nunez Associate Dean, Graduate Programs - School of Business
Dr. Lisa Dolling Associate Dean, Faculty Development, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Ms. Susan Jacobs Assistant Dean, Office for Undergraduate Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. Crystal Lucky Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, College of LIberal Arts and Sciences
Dr. David Jamison Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs, College of Engineering
Ms. Susan Leighton Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, College of Professional Studies
Ms. Catherine Connor Vice Dean, Enrollment Mangement
Mr. Tom DeMarco, Esq. Associate VP Student Life, Dean of Students