Adjunct Faculty Committee


The Adjunct Faculty Committee provides adjunct faculty with a University-wide organization to address their concerns. The AFC has been created by adjunct faculty members as a way to provide support and information to all adjunct faculty at Villanova University and to represent their interests to the administration. Adjunct faculty members who have questions or concerns should contact any member of the AFC.  The Vice Provost for Academics serves as the liaison to the Adjunct Faculty Committee.


Sandra Kearney Assistant Dean, College of Professional Studies
James Reaves
Management and Operations
Joanna McGrath Nursing
Charles Nucifora Accountancy
Richard Powell
Human Resources Development
Thomas Wise Computing Sciences
John Carvalho
Joan Capolupo Continuing Studies
Michelle Falcetano
Joshua Weikert Political Science
Michael McGoldrick
Deborah Hormann Human Resource Development
Mary Fattori English
Robert J. Lichtenstein
Michael Castrilli Economics, School of Business
Joseph Micucci Human Resource Development
John Groch Theology and Religous Studies
Jeanne Brody