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Susan Quinn Schultz '96 COE, '15 BSN, RN

Four female Villanova Nurses in scrubs
(l-r) Kaitlyn McGuigan '15 BSN; Lauren Long, current MSN student; Susan Quinn Schultz, BCE ‘96, '15 BSN; Maureen McCabe Wilson '96 BSN

Staff Nurse
Lankenau Medical Center Cardiac Cath lab Wynnewood, PA

April 30, 2020

Villanova nurses are represented well all throughout Main Line Health system but particularly in the cardiac catheterization lab at Lankenau.  Prior to the pandemic, we were part of a team of healthcare workers who provided care to patients needing heart catheterizations and electrophysiology procedures.  While there are some elective procedures that have been postponed, there are still plenty of emergent procedures that are occurring daily in the lab. Lauren and Maureen are part of the core team of workers who remain in the lab during this time to provide emergent care to both Covid and non-Covid patients. As former floor nurses at Lankenau, Kaitlyn and Susan have been deployed to the Covid floors during this time of crisis.

Inspired to share your COVID-19 story?

We welcome submissions from Villanova Nurses about their experience during COVID-19. Please email with your photo, name, credentials, degree/year, role and employer/location along with a brief story of your experience, your reflections on nursing and/or how your Villanova Nursing education prepared you for this pandemic.

Your submission may be used on this page and potentially on social media or in related College communication. Thank you!