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Stephanie Luff Carpenter '14 BSN, RN


Staff nurse, Newborn Nursery
Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

April 8, 2020

I am down at Greater Baltimore Medical Center in the newborn nursery now, and I absolutely love it. Pediatric oncology (and Villanova!!) taught me so much, and life has really inspired my nursing standards as I care for each new baby and their families in the first few days of life.  So special to be part of their welcome team!

We haven’t had any COVID-19 positive moms yet but the algorithms are in place and we are discussing our plans each shift, updating based on expert recommendations. We are starting to see a surge of moms and baby’s coming down from New York. It feels good to be able to be a place of respite (hopefully) for them, and give them a birth experience with a little less stress, and to know that we are doing what we can for our fellow nurses and medical professionals up in New York who need all of us to step up for them as well.

It is a scary time for all of us, but in advocating for each other and keeping an open mind given the unprecedented nature of this crisis, we are doing all we can. Seeing the babies in all their peace certainly makes each shift a little easier as we all push for a better future (and hopefully soon!).

Keeping all the Villanova nurses close to heart in these times and praying for the wellness of our communities!

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