Faculty Practice

Faculty practice


Many faculty in the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing not only teach students in the classroom and guide them in the clinical areas, but also maintain a clinical practice of their own. As they continue to serve as professional mentors for their students, the faculty — reflecting the mission, goals, and philosophy of the College — serve the disenfranchised, share their clinical skills and knowledge and ultimately contribute to the health of the region.

Whether they are staff nurses, counselors, nurse practitioners, administrators or volunteers with such organizations as Operation Smile and the American Cancer Society, faculty are emblematic of the College's concern for its larger community. Some examples of faculty impact on the provision of health care in our area are below.

  • Dr. Linda Copel does group, individual, marital and family counseling at a local outpatient community mental health clinic.
  • Dr. Marcia Costello works as a consultant nutritionist at the University Counseling Center providing nutrition assessment and counseling to students diagnosed with an eating disorder.
  • Dr. Patricia Haynor is an administrative nursing supervisor at a New Jersey hospital in addition to maintaining her own consulting practice.
  • Dr. Ruth McDermott-Levy continues to practice in home care and school nursing in suburban Philadelphia.
  • Professor Maryanne Lieb is the founder and director of a nurse-managed free health care clinic for the uninsured and underinsured in the Philadelphia region. She provides direct care in addition to managing operations.
  • Dr. Barbara Ott serves on a local health system's ethics committee and also volunteers with Operation Smile around the world
  • Dr. Patricia Mynaugh cares for patients in the labor and delivery, postpartum and nursery units at local hospitals.
  • Dr. Nancy Sharts-Hopko is associated with a children’s health organization where she trains peer visitors who make home visits to pregnant women in South and West Philadelphia and to parents of young children for health and parenting education. She also makes home visits and does programs for community health and social services groups.
  • Dr. Joyce Willens is active in pain practice, an interest which has also led her to do national-level consulting for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Professor Debbie Wimmer is a pediatric nurse practitioner in a Philadelphia area pediatric clinic where she cares for both ill and well children and also volunteers with Operation Smile around the world.


My View

"I have yet to come across a professor who has not shown an incredible enthusiasm for the nursing profession."

Kathyrn Mawn, Marietta, GA