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The Fitzpatrick College of Nursing (FCN) is a tangible expression of Villanova University's mission, tradition, and commitment to human service. As a major college of nursing under Catholic auspices, it carries responsibility for the education of nurses within the framework of Christian beliefs and values and the heritage of the Order of St. Augustine.  True to its mission, the FCN welcomes students from all religious traditions and backgrounds.

The FCN interprets nursing as a healing ministry emanated by love and demonstrated through service and the care of others. As a healing art, an applied science, and a practice discipline, nursing as taught at Villanova University emphasizes concern for spiritual health as well as that of mind and body. It is person-centered and as such is holistic, individualized, coordinated, evidence-based, just, and developmentally appropriate. Foundational to person-centered care is respect for diversity in its multitude of forms: differences, preferences, values, needs, resources, and the determinants of health unique to the individual, family and community. Our curricula reflect the integration of these elements and their application in clinical practice and concern for others. This includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. The FCN educates individuals for service to a diverse global society including all sectors and strata of the population. Our graduates are prepared to assume roles in a variety of settings including population health, acute care, ambulatory care, long-term care, and care from the beginning to the end-of-life. Principles of improvement science including quality and safety in care delivery are core values used to create a culture of safety.    

The FCN, consistent with the mission of Villanova University, assumes responsibility for the education of individuals who will be prepared to provide a vital service to society and who are clinically competent, compassionate, ethically motivated, and are able to work with other professions to address the healthcare needs of patients and populations. The FCN is committed to providing high quality education in the liberal arts and sciences and expert preparation in the knowledge and clinical skills of professional nursing to individuals, families and communities who must be prepared and empowered to confront the health care demands of a diverse, complex, and technologically advanced society.

The College views itself as an important locus of education, scholarship, research, and organizational leadership within and beyond nursing's professional, scientific, and educational communities. This nursing scholarship informs science, enhances clinical practice, influences policy, and impacts best practices for educating nurses as clinicians, scholars, and leaders.

Effective June 2022