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The Fitzpatrick College of Nursing's Goals are:

1.   To serve the health needs of society through the development of competent pre-licensure and post-licensure nurses by integrating theoretical principles and evidence-based practice.

2.   To develop intellectual curiosity of nursing knowledge for the expansion of scholarly productivity with the FCN and the profession.

3.   To integrate, apply, and promote established and emerging principles in nursing for the delivery of quality and safe care.

4.   To provide leadership to the profession in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the areas of ethics, human values, spiritual, and social dimensions of health care.

5.   To maintain the economic viability of the FCN with a sustainable and cost-effective program inclusive of extramural funding for all students, faculty, and the University.

6.   To participate in the goals of the university in the areas of academic integrity, student life, technology, and service to the internal and external communities.

7.   To communicate a spirit of collaboration, community, and respect within the context of Catholic, Augustinian values.

8.   To proactively coordinate and foster professionalism and professional identity formation among students and faculty through academic, co-curricular, and interprofessional activities.

9.   To translate the evolving role of nurses in the global health communities inclusive of population health principles with outcomes focused on social determinants of health.

Effective June 2022