Webinar Series


December 13, 2017


Exploring Telenutrition: Evidence, Operationalization, and Opportunities

Nina Crowley, PhD, RD & Molly Jones RD, LD


Are you interested in learning more about the emerging field of telenutrition? The recently released CDC National Center for Health Statistics report revealed that the prevalence of obesity continues to rise in the United States, affecting nearly 40% of adults and close to 20% of youth. Education and support for these individuals remains an unfilled need and telehealth is being utilized more and more to provide an efficient and potentially effective way of delivering nutritional care and counseling. Join two pioneers in telehealth for an overview of this rapidly developing technology. Attendees will be guided through the evidence base for telenutrition and will learn about a successful telehealth program including how it was operationalized and implemented at Medical University of South Carolina. Participants will also explore opportunities for using this viable tool for delivering nutritional care and education.  


January 24, 2018


Sarcopenic Obesity: Is the Whole Greater than its Parts?  

John A. Batsis, MD, FACP, AGSF


Obesity and its related complications may impact people of all ages, race and ethnicity groups in different ways. In particular, the obesity epidemic affects older adults who face age-related changes in muscle mass and function (sarcopenia). Individuals with both sarcopenia and obesity, otherwise known as sarcopenic obesity, are at high risk of future morbidity. Join this webinar to learn about the diagnostic challenges in identifying this entity and its relationship with important older adult outcomes. Specific data will be presented that highlight the treatment recommendations for this population and will highlight promising and emerging therapies on the horizon.

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