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Child Abuse Reporting

Child Abuse Reporting

Understanding Reporting Obligations

If, as part of your employment at Villanova University, you come into contact with children (under age 18) you must report suspected and/or confirmed child abuse.  Any abuse you actually know about, see or have reason to suspect should be reported.

Students and volunteers of Villanova University who accept responsibility for a child as an integral part of a program, activity or service sponsored by Villanova also have child abuse reporting obligations.

We strongly encourage all members of the University Community to carefully review the Villanova University Child Abuse Reporting Policy.

  • Full instructions on how to report can be viewed here.

The definition of child abuse is set forth in the policy. In general, reportable child abuse encompasses intentional or reckless actions or omissions that cause, or are reasonably likely to cause:  bodily injury, death or serious mental injuries to a child; sexual abuse/sexual exploitation of a child; or serious physical neglect of a child.  

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Important News

Important News

The child abuse reporting policy has been revised to comply with Pennsylvania State Laws Effective December 31, 2014. Major changes include: 

First: All faculty and staff of Villanova University who come into contact with children as part of their employment must now report instances of known or suspected child abuse to the Department of Human Services (DHS) directly.

Second: Designated University students and volunteers also have child abuse reporting obligations to DHS directly if they are responsible for children during Villanova sponsored activities.

Third: Upon making the report to DHS, a report must also be made to the Director of Public Safety, or the Executive Vice President.

Fourth: Registered medical professionals have a concurrent obligation to report to local or state police.

Fifth: Consider reporting to your immediate supervisor.