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Mission Statement

The University Compliance Office is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a compliance and ethics program that supports the University’s Mission and strategic goals and promotes the highest ethical standards by members of the University Community in the pursuit of the University’s academic, administrative, athletic, engagement and research activities.

Through the Villanova University Compliance and Ethics Program, the University Compliance Office:

  • implements an enterprise risk management system to assess and monitor high risk compliance areas and the adequacy of internal controls;
  • coordinates compliance-related policies and processes among existing compliance functions;
  • assesses the need for, and assists in the creation of education and training opportunities to address high risk compliance areas;
  • encourages an environment where members of the University Community are recognized for doing the right thing;
  • provides mechanisms for the University Community to raise compliance concerns including via confidential or anonymous means and addresses these concerns through consultation, investigation or referral;
  • aids in the enforcement of compliance-related policies through established University processes; and reports to senior leadership and the governing board on a regular basis on the status of compliance readiness, assessments and responsibilities.

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