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Admitted Students Information on Volunteering with Minors

St. Thomas of Villanova, the patron saint of the University, dedicated his life to working with the impoverished and most vulnerable people in his city. Following his example, service and justice are central to the mission of Villanova.   

There are many types of weekly service opportunities to pursue depending upon your interest, availability, and time commitment. Several Villanova programs provide volunteers the opportunity to interact with minors in the surrounding schools and community. 

Criminal Background Checks

If you are interested in volunteering in any program that will involve interaction with minors, PA law requires that you complete the background checks outlined on Villanova‚Äôs Criminal Background Checks webpage. 

There are three criminal background checks that need to be completed. Both the Pennsylvania State Police Access to Criminal History (PATCH) and the Child Abuse History clearances can be obtained before you arrive on campus.  Results of both clearances are electronic. Please be sure to save copies of both clearances to a secure file until you receive further information from the Program Director on submitting the documents. 

You will need to complete the FBI clearance once you arrive on campus and decide to participate in a specific program. The Program Director will provide you with an Authorization Code that you will present at Public Safety (in Garey Hall) for fingerprinting at no cost to you. Processing time for this clearance is approximately two weeks after being fingerprinted.

Please note that if you have been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for ten (10) years or more, you do not have to complete the FBI fingerprinting clearance, but instead can submit a signed affidavit affirming that you are not disqualified from service in the program or under Pennsylvania Law.

Education and Training

Additionally, if you anticipate working with minors you will need to complete two required education and trainings. Instructions for completing the trainings can be found on the Minors and Youth Programs Education webpage. Both trainings can be completed before arriving on campus.  Please save electronic copies of both certificates to submit at a later date.

Your Program Director is your main contact for information and questions related to the particular minors program.

For general information and questions related to clearances and the education and training please contact Beth Wright or Donna Poupard in the University Compliance Office.