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Composting - Post Consumer Organic Waste

Starting in late fall 2023, Villanova University is offering an organics waste collection pilot program for specific locations on campus.  

This program is an opt-in program, where participants must undergo minimum composting knowledge training, or have the ability to monitor organics waste bins to prevent contamination from trash or other non-compostable materials.  Since this material will be composted via wind row composting on a local farm, there is no tolerance for contamination from trash.

To learn more, or see if this program could be a fit for you, please email



Are Compostable plastic items accepted in this program?

No, the only type of compostable plastics accepted are BPI Certified compostable bags/liners

MC Compostable Signage 5.23 without contact info

What's acceptable vs what's not acceptable in VU's Composting Program

What, Why, & How to Compost

Video: What, Why, & How to Compost from Mother Compost