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Toolbox Talks


Toolbox Talks are quick and easy trainings to enhance Villanova‚Äôs safety requirements. Toolbox Talks cover a wide range of topics ranging from severe workplace hazards to lifting basics. Toolbox Talks also help create an environment to discuss task specific or timely safety communications, identify problems or highlight specific safety concerns/risks.  
Environmental Health and Safety has developed a series of training sessions known as Toolbox Talks to encourage safety throughout the University.  
What is a "Toolbox Talk"?  
A Toolbox Talk is an informal group discussion among employees of an individual department that focuses on a particular safety issue.  
Who can conduct a "Toolbox Talk"?  
Anyone can conduct a Toolbox Talk. However, it is a good idea to select individuals who have expertise on the given topic.
How long and often should these be conducted?  
EH&S recommends a 5 minute talk conducted on a weekly basis.
Where and when should these discussions take place?  
The meeting should be held in a comfortable location at the beginning of a shift, after lunch/break, or incorporated into another operational meeting.
Do you have to use EH&S created "Talks"?  
No. The EH&S topics are there for assistance but each group is free to conduct a talk on any safety issue that may be present in the work environment.  
Do "Toolbox Talks" satisfy required safety training?  
No. Toolbox Talks are a brief discussion each week of relevant safety issues but they do not replace formal safety training.  
Other applications for Toolbox Talks  
Toolbox Talks can be used for post accident communications, re-enforcement of safe work practice, pre-task planning and talking points for hands on training or table top exercises.