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Chemical Inventory


On-line Chemical Inventory Management System (Chimera)

Welcome to Villanova’s On-line Chemical Inventory Management System. Authorized users will access their chemical inventory to make changes, corrections and updates, prepare inventory reports and obtain safety information on their chemicals, all from this system.

Regular use and updating of your chemical inventory is an essential part of the university's efforts to comply with various regulations as well as to provide critical information to emergency responders entering an area where hazardous chemicals are present.

Chimera - User Login

For questions or information on how to gain access to the system, please contact your departmental supervisor or one of the Chimera administrators listed below.   

    Eydiejo Kurchan      9-7481    Chemistry Dept.

    Lindsay Bair            9-4858    Biology Dept.

    Dorothy Skaf           9-4952    Chemical Engineering Dept.

    Eric Welsh               9-8989    EHS Dept.


    or fill out a Chimera User Request - Form Instructions are below:


     First Name – Requestor’s First Name

     Last Name – Requestor’s Last Name

     Email Address – Requestor’s Villanova Email

     Phone number – Requestor’s Villanova Phone Number or Cell Phone Number

     Office location – The Dept., Bldg(s) and the Room Number(s) you wish to access.

     Type of Access –   Select ONE of the following:

  • Inventory (Chem Share):   View and Edit Inventory.  This information is shared with other Chem Share participants. 
  • Inventory Staff:   View and Edit Inventory.
  • Inventory Basic: View Inventory Only Capabilities
      Click the Submit button on the bottom -
      Requestor will receive an email welcoming them to Chimera within a week.