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Job Safety Analysis

Personal Protective Equipment

A job safety analysis (JSA) is a procedure which helps integrate accepted safety and health principles and practices into a particular task or job. In a JSA, each basic step of the job is analyzed to identify potential hazards and to recommend procedures or techniques to avoid or minimize the hazard. The analysis process may identify previously undetected hazards and increase the job knowledge of those participating. Safety and health awareness is raised, communication between workers and supervisors is improved, and acceptance of safe work procedures promoted.

Please utilize the document below as a template when conducting a Job Safety Analysis

The approach of Environmental Health & Safety is to have a group of experienced workers and supervisors complete the analysis through discussion. An advantage of this method is that more people are involved in a wider base of experience, and promoting more readily acceptance of the resulting work procedure. Members of the Employee Safety Committee are encouraged to participate in this process. The attched Form is used to document the procedure. The four basic steps in conducting a JSA are:

  1. Select the job to be analyzed
  2. Break the job down into a sequence of steps
  3. Identify potential hazards in each step
  4. Identify controls, preventative measures, and personal protective equipment to avoid or minimize hazards and reduce risk.

Please use the document below as a template when completing a Job Safety Analysis.   If you require assistance, please email EHS or call 610-519-3801.

Job Safety Analysis Work Sheet