Lab Safety

Lab Safety

Villanova University is committed to the safety of every student, faculty and staff member working in our laboratories, as well as the protection of our environment through safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

Villanova Lab Coat Program

Villanova University provides rental lab coats for all of the students, staff, and faculty members working in our science laboratories. Lab coats must be worn while working at the laboratory bench.  Lab coats are unisex and available in a wide range of sizes.  Lab coats must remain in the science buildings to minimize the possibility of spreading chemical contamination.  Laboratory supervisor will assign lab coats to instructional lab students and provide a suitable storage area.  Faculty, staff, and research lab students may obtain a lab coat from the departmental locations listed below. Dirty and chemically contaminated coats must be removed immediately and placed in one of the laundry bins assigned to lab coats.  You may then get a clean replacement coat from your laboratory supervisor.   Villanova recommends you return your lab coat for cleaning at the end of each semester.

Villanova currently provides 2 types of lab coats.

Traditional white lab coat - provides protection from chemical contamination on both your skin and underlying clothing.

Nomex blue lab coat – Nomex has the additional benefit of being flame resistant.  Nomex coats should be worn when working with pyrophoric or highly flammable chemicals.

Lab coats from research laboratories are available in the following departmental areas.

Department Room Contact Ext.


Mendel G09 Lindsay Bair
Chemical Engineering
Chem. Eng. 003 Dorothy Skaf X4952


Mendel 312 Eydiejo Kurchan X7481
Environmental Engineering
CEER 306 Chris Corin X3329
Mechanical Engineering
CEER 004 Chris Townend X4986
Mendel 365 Jeremy Carlo X3279

Any questions or concerns related to laboratory coat information should be addressed to Eric Welsh, Environmental Health & Safety Specialist x8989.

Lab Safety Boxes

As you walk through Mendel Hall, White Hall or CEER you may notice red "life safety boxes" posted outside research and instructional labs.  Each box contains information that might be needed by a first responder in the event of an emergency in the lab.  The front of the box includes a "fire diamond", a visual summary of the chemical hazards in the room, and emergency contact information for the person(s) responsible for the lab.

Life Safety Box

Chemical Hygiene Plan

The purpose of the Chemical Hygiene Plan is to provide guidelines for the use of the chemicals in the laboratory setting. For more information, please contact

Research Lab Waiver

All students volunteering in a research lab must ensue that the following form is printed out and submitted to their lab supervior prior to the onset of research.

Lab Safety Posters

The following posters have been created to provide important safety reminders to all those who work in a laboratory setting on campus.

* November Safety Poster vlgrayblue.pdf
Cell Phone Use in Laboratories